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Payments can be made using a bank account at Farosh. The following policy highlights the rights and obligations of the users when using Farosh payments. Please note that Farosh Payment Policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using Farosh payments, you agree to the Farosh Payment Policy and our Terms of Use.


A. Accepting these Terms

The following policy is referred to as Farosh Payment Policy and defines your rights and obligations while using Payment services at Farosh. Please note that Farosh Payment Policy is a part of our Terms of Use and you agree to it.


B. Overview

Shops can use Payment Services of Farosh for only their listed items on the website and the payment will be shown in their wallet after seven days of successful delivery. Farosh Payment services used for any other purpose may lead to the blocking of the shop’s account from the website.  


C. Farosh’s s Rights and Responsibilities

Farosh reserves the right to enable, disable or modify the Payment Services at any time, with or without notifying the users. For security, Farosh also imposes limitations on the transactions for the shops. For example, a limit may be imposed on the value of a single transaction or the cumulative value of transactions taking place over a certain period.


Information provided with Cash on Delivery orders is held by Farosh. For further details about this, please refer to the Farosh Privacy Policy.


By the Electronic Communication Policy, relevant notices about the use of Payment Services are sent to the shop by Farosh.


D. Shop Rights and Responsibilities

  • Use of Farosh Payments:  Valid bank account information is to be provided while signing up to receive payments at Farosh. Only the shops that provide valid information and have their bank details approved can avail of the services of Farosh Payments. By registering an account on Farosh, shops can keep track of the payment amounts, refunds, and transaction fees. It is the responsibility of shops to keep their information up-to-date to avail of these facilities. Farosh verifies this information from time to time to ensure the security of transactions and to avoid fraud or violation of terms. Seven days are required for the payment to appear in the Shop's account. The shop will be eligible to withdraw the payment after 7 days.


  • Communications:  Information is imparted to the shops using standard communication procedures at Farosh like emails, guided by the Electronic Communication Policy, or through the use of conversation tools of Farosh.


  • International Trade Laws: You agree that your use of Farosh Payments will not involve any countries, entities, individuals, or items prohibited by sanctions, embargoes, regulations, or orders administered by the Pakistani Department of Treasury’s Office or other government agencies.