Baseball in Pakistan

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Baseball Cap, Uniform and Bat Online

Wear a magnificent baseball cap and a chic pair of baseball clothes from the Farosh Online Store to shine like a professional baseball player. By offering a large selection of baseball jerseys, pants, shoes, socks, caps, and batting gloves, the Farosh Online Store helps beginner and intermediate players become baseball champions.


Baseball Uniforms

There are numerous styles, sizes, and designs of baseball uniforms available. For tournaments between your school's baseball team, club games, and other leagues, you can order a personalized uniform. So visit right away to get top-notch gear online. Utilize our specials and discounts to discover the baseball champion hidden inside of you!


Baseball Bat

Choosing the right baseball has never been easy. Before buying a bat, make sure that your baseball bat length is according to your weight and height. Similarly, you also need to ponder over different kinds of bats concerning the material. Composite bats bless you with a larger sweet spot, yet they are expensive ones as compared to the Alloy bats which are less expensive but provide limited. Farosh has a vast variety of both types of bats in its inventory. Choose one as per your need and shop with confidence.  Get One-Piece /Two Piece bats  from Farosh and enjoy a great batting experience are also available at Farosh


Baseball Batting Gloves

Farosh sells batting gloves made of natural leather of the highest caliber for enhanced control and grip. Pitcher gloves, outfield gloves, infield gloves, and gloves for pitcher and catcher mitts are all available in a vast selection. Purchase one without any fuss, and we'll take care of everything else!

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Take advantage of Farosh's rapid delivery of your preferred products. You only need to place an order, and we will send the item to your door within a few days. To ensure quick and secure delivery to its consumers, Farosh deploys a team of its own logistical partners. You don't need to be concerned about product delivery because our dependable logistic partners are skilled at completing orders quickly.