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Payments can be made using various options at All these options are listed at the Farosh website and mobile app for the buyers to select their preferred mode. The following policy highlights the rights and obligations of the buyers when using Farosh payments.

Please note that Farosh Payment Policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using Farosh payments, you agree to the Farosh Payment Policy and our Terms of Use.


  1. Accepting these terms
  2. Overview
  3. Farosh’s Rights and Responsibilities


  A. Accepting these Terms

The following policy is referred to as Farosh Payment Policy and defines your rights and obligations while using Payment services at Farosh. Please note that Farosh Payment Policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using these services, you agree to the Farosh Payments Policy and to our Terms of Use.


   B. Overview

The services are currently available only in Lahore, Pakistan. Buyers can use Payment Services of Farosh for only the listed items on the website, and agree that the order cannot be cancelled after the order is shipped and payments can only be completed using payment options listed on the website.


   C. Farosh’s Rights and Responsibilities

Farosh reserves the right to enable, disable or modify the Payment Services at any time, with or without notifying the users. Information provided with Cash on Delivery orders is held by Farosh. For further details about this, please refer to the Farosh Privacy Policy.

In accordance with the Electronic Communication Policy, relevant notices about the use of Payment services are sent to the users by Farosh.


  • Payment Method

Farosh has a number of payment methods for the convenience of our buyers. Currently we are offering following payment modes:

          A. Cash On Delivery

               Buyer can pay in cash at the time of delivery. When the buyer selects this payment method, the order is placed and confirmed on the website without making any payment and then the buyer will pay the due amount when the order is delivered at your doorstep.

         B. Credit/Debit Card

              Payments can also be made online using the debit/credit cards. Buyer can choose to pay through this method if they have the Mastercard or VISA Card. Upon selecting this method, buyer is redirected to another page to enter the card details. This information is kept secure and confidential with Farosh. On placing the order our back-office officer will confirm the status of payment. In case your payment is not processed successfully, you will be instantly notified via email or sms that your  transaction has been failed.

         C. Jazz Cash / Easy Paisa

             Farosh keeps the ease of buyer at its priority and provides seamless mediums for payments. Buyer can complete their  transactions by paying through Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa facilities that are available in Mobile Account and ATM card modes. Using these services is a breeze for the buyers as they just have to provide standard ATM card details (or ATM card mode), or mobile number & pin code (for mobile account mode), and complete placing their order. For more information about Jazz Cash and Easypaisa, please refer to the Jazz Cash and Easypaisa websites.