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Buy hair dryer online in Pakistan 

Farosh is an online store that offers a vast assortment of hairdryers.


Different Hairdryers Collection

  • Hair blow dryers are rated by their wattage. Hairdryers with wattage up to 1875 watts are generally good for home use. Lower-wattage hair dryers are fine for setting curls or drying small sections of hair.
  • Philips hair dryers leave hair sleek and smooth after drying thanks to the negatively charged ions in the appliances. Hair dries fast with ionic hair dryers, which may leave thinner hair limp.
  • Nova hair dryers offer even heat distribution and self-regulate based on room temperature. Traditional hair dryers use a coil for heat and may overheat or provide uneven heat levels.


Pamper Your Hair with the Right Styling Tool

A hairdryer is an essential tool in the hair care bag of both men and women. Farosh has both women and men hair dryers that are light in weight, compact in design, easy to use and can be relied upon to dry hair quickly & noiselessly. Go for the dryers with ergonomically designed handles that work well for both left-handed and right-handed users. Having a great dryer can make styling your hair much easier especially if you are running short of time. Packing for a vacation or a business trip calls for minimal luggage. Squeezing every beauty essential is not possible. In such a situation, a mini hairdryer is incredibly compact and fits snugly in your suitcase.


Buy Hair Dryer online 

Whether you’re looking to buy a hairdryer in Pakistan for yourself, the whole family, or for a beloved friend as a birthday present, got you covered. Gone are the days where a hairdryer will cost you an arm and leg! Hair drier price in Pakistan and dryer machine price in Pakistan is affordable at the best part is, all you have to do is add what you want to the cart, and we’ll deliver all those goodies straight to your door. Check out the best hair dryers from all the big brands at