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Buy Squash Rackets Online in Pakistan

Gone are the days, when squash sport was unknown to many of us. Today, Pakistani Squash players have win laurels for the country and dozens of Squash Training clubs have been opened in the town. Our Universities, colleges, and clubs have hundreds of squash players who are aiming to play internationally. In this indoor game, the important thing that dictates you is your racket. A well-founded squash racket helps you make powerful hits and gives strong grip and control.  Farosh has an extensive collection of first-class historic rackets that offer you remarkable convenience, power, and control. Log in to Farosh.com now and browse our brand new collection of squash balls and rackets now.


 Best Squash Rackets Online

If you are a beginner/intermediate level player, choose a racket that has a flexible frame as it would bless you with better grip and improved control. A stiff frame racket, on the other hand, is more suitable for experienced players out there who look for powerful hits. Similarly, the balance of a racket can make a difference when you are about to lose/win. Heavy Head rackets are preferable for professional players while may not be suitable for beginners/club players. These players should always go for lightweight rackets that are easier to handle. String Tension in racket-heads something you need to be concerned about too. High String tension improves control but offers less durability, on the other hand, low string tension offers unwavering durability and it is what beginners should go for. Farosh Online Store has multiple varieties of customized squash rackets in its stock that promise comfort, function, and performance altogether.


Price of Rackets for Squash in Pakistan

Owing to the popularity among the youth, the rackets for squash are being largely produced in Pakistan, and Farosh in Pakistan is the bestselling online store for Squash Rackets. Shop today and get rackets at surprising discounts that you won't have enjoyed with any other store in Pakistan.


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Farosh.com provides convenient options of payment methods to its customers. This is the sign of our loyalty and promised convenience to our customers. We have a Cash on Delivery option for our customers that enable them to pay at the time of delivery. Additionally, Farosh.com delivery agents get the desired products checked by the customers before payment to avoid any matter of inconvenience later.