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QMobile Noir Z14

-4 %

QMobile Noir Z14

Rs. 22,500

Rs. 23,500


Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

-2 %

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

Rs. 30,499

Rs. 37,200


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Mobile phones & tablets have occupied center stage in our lives, which is why it has become impossible to live without them. It is a period of technology where you will find every other person, including children and adults, carrying these devices with them. No doubt, these devices have made communication a lot easier than before. By just clicking the application, you can check the news, get weather updates, or connect with your friends quickly. Here at Farosh, we are offering great devices that come directly from top famous brands along with a brand warranty. With just one click, you can get whatever you want in no time. No matter if it is a mobile phone or a tablet, you will get everything at the best reasonable rates.


Online Mobile Shopping in Pakistan

Nowadays, the competition is not about just having a mobile phone, but a good mobile phone with excellent features. If you have a normal cell phone without any smart features at this time, then you are assumed to be way back in time. The latest smartphones are not just mobile phones but a whole ecosystem. There is nothing in the world that you cannot get access to through your smartphone. Those days are over when the only way to buy a phone was by going to a local mobile phone store. Now you can easily find them in online stores. Farosh offers you the chance to get your favorite Smart phone delivered at your doorstep without having to go to a local store.


Buy Feature Phones Pakistan

We sell famous Feature Phones Brands at our website so that everyone can find something on Farosh based on their preferences. We offer phones by famous brands on our website at the best affordable prices. If you are someone who likes to purchase phones with heavy storage or you prefer fast performance, then you must check the specifications of the phone before ordering it from our website. With Farosh, online mobile phones can be trusted without any issues.


Tablets Online Shopping in Pakistan

Tablets have become an important device for many people and plenty of reasons. They are lightweight, portable, easy to use, suitable for web browsing and can make great portable entertainment systems. Tablets are your best choice when you are home after a tiring day outside and want to relax by watching your favorite TV series or movie but it is not coming on the TV and you don’t want to switch on your laptop. is offering outstanding branded Tablets at economical Prices. 


Mobile & Tablets Accessories is offering trendy mobile & Tablets accessories. These are not only used for customization of your smart devices but also give your cell phone a stylish and charming look they also help in the practical function that makes the use of cell phones easier and simpler. you can buy accessories online at


Buy Telephone set online in Pakistan

If you’re looking for a set of landline corded phones, you will find them at the affordable prices in Pakistan at Farosh. We are offering a wide collection of landline phones by the best brands so discover your options now and grab your desired landline telephone. You have to place an order from the biggest shopping site in Pakistan,