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Other Sports in Pakistan

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Swimsuits for Girls

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Swimsuits for Girls

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Running Shorts

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Sports Equipment Buy Online

Badminton and table tennis are among the most popular games liked by our teenagers. Especially at Schools and Colleges, students love to play such entertaining games. Besides entertaining, sports i.e. badminton and table tennis are good for the physical and mental health of our youth. Owing to the popularity among the youth, the accessories for badminton and tennis are being largely produced in Pakistan and Farosh in Pakistan is the bestselling online store for sports equipment. 


Buy Badminton Rackets Online

No worries, if you are looking for the best-available badminton rackets online then you have come to the right place. Farosh Online store deals in multiple varieties of badminton rackets and badminton accessories. Racket Online purchase is not difficult now through Farosh. These rackets from well-established multinational brands are available at amazing discounts at Farosh.


Buy Badminton Shuttlecock Online

Shuttlecocks in Badminton deem extreme significance because a little damaged Shuttlecock may distort the whole match and you may have to buy two or three Shuttlecocks at a time to avoid any disruption and trouble during the match. So you have not to worry about Shuttlecock's quality because Farosh deals in best-in-quality shuttlecock at surprising discounts. Just start looking for the best Shuttlecocks at Farosh and enjoy shopping here with amazing discounts.


Buy Tennis Racket Online

Shop the best Tennis rackets online at Farosh. Prince Tennis racket, Wilson Tennis racket is the most sold-out racket at Farosh. Enjoy the best class experience of tennis through purchasing rackets at Farosh Online Store.


Other Sports Accessories

There are a lot of games that are also played in Pakistan with enthusiasm such as squash, basketball, baseball, and etc. Also shop boxing products, K-2, Naran, Chitral tents for 2 persons, Trango tent for 3 persons at Farosh, which is the bestselling online store for such sports accessories.