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What Is a Modem?

modem is the minute box or tool that sits between your computer and your wall or cable box, depending on the type of internet connection you have. If you’re using Dial-up or DSL modem then your modem will connect to the wall and if you’re using cable then it’ll hook up to your cable box or available coaxial cable.

An external modem is a networking tool that is in a self-contained inclusion external to a computer.

In short, your modem will link you to the internet so that you can watch videos, upload videos, check emails, play on Facebook and anything else that you would like to do online. A modem card is an internal kind of modem that is plugged into the PCI slot of a PC motherboard. 


Choose The Modem That Fits Your Need

There are different kinds of modems & that will work for your situation depends on the internet connection that you have.

  • Cable – Cable modems use coaxial cables. One end connects to the back of the modem and the other end connects to your wall or the back of your cable box. Cable internet is thought to be “high speed” internet.
  • DSL -DSL can link to an external modem (like cable, but a different plug-in), or your computer will already have an internal modem that will dial-in through your phone line. you can still access the internet while talking on the phone because in Dial-up you can’t access internet while talking on phone.
  • Dial-Up – Dial-up is one of the eldest forms of internet connection. It uses your telephone line to connect to your ISP. Dial-up modems are slower compared to cable and DSL. Also, if you only have one phone line you won’t be able to access the internet at the same, you are talking on the phone.


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