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Acer Lumens Projector X118H

-3 %

Acer Lumens Projector X118H

Rs. 51,960

Rs. 53,699
Epson Printer LQ350 –Grey

-10 %

Epson Printer LQ350 –Grey

Rs. 32,280

Rs. 35,699
HP LaserJet Printer  Pro 12w

-10 %

HP LaserJet Printer Pro 12w

Rs. 15,360

Rs. 17,000

Buy Printer, Scanner & Projector Online

If you are finding the best small business printer, scanner, and projector all in one or a single function. Then you have come to the right place as we have gathered the best printers, scanner and projector that fulfill the needs for small and medium-sized businesses.

Getting the best Printer, scanner, and projector for your needs includes making sure that the device can meet with the demands of a small office whereas also being capable of increasing its output as your business grows.

If you want to get the latest Printer, scanner, and projector, then Farosh has a vast range available for you. So, start browsing them from our site today. 

Buy Printer in Pakistan

We have got some fantastic multi-function printers in our online store. they are space and money-saving devices for the small offices. All-in-one printers that offer photocopying and scanning not only can save your little business money compared to buying the accessories individually but having them all in one device will save space as well.

If you are not sure about what type of printer you need, head to the bottom of our guide, where we explain the best ways to search and shop the best small business printer that suits your needs.

Faroshhas all the best printers available online in Pakistan.

Hp Printer in Pakistan 

HP claims that their printer has the least footprint, so if space is an issue in your office, this could be the answer.It has your printing, copying, scanning, and faxing needs covered with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct built-in so that you can access all of this functionality via HP’s excellent companion app on your smartphone. It prints fairly quickly (18ppm) in black and white, but note that the hp printer is only able to print on one side of the page.

Farosh showcases a wide range of Hp printer, so buy the best hp printer in Pakistan on our website.

3D printers

Whether for personal, educational, or professional use, 3D printers are more reasonable than ever. Check out what you need to know about technology to get started printing, along with the top-performing models on our site. Buy best 3D printers in Pakistan at Farosh.pk

Buy scanners online in Pakistan 

Scanners have become an essential part of the home office over the last few years. Scanner technology is using in many ways.

  • Flatbed scanners also called desktop scanners and are the most versatile and commonly used scanners. 
  • Sheet-fed scanners are parallel to flatbed scanners, except the document is moveable, and the scan head is fixed. A sheet-fed scanner looks like a little portable printer.
  • Handheld scanners use the same necessary technology as a flatbed scanner but rely on the user to move them instead of a motorized belt. This type of scanner typically does not provide excellent image quality. However, it can be useful for quickly capturing text.

Buy projector online in Pakistan

A headlamp is an output device that can take images generated by a computer and reproduce them by projection onto a screen, wall, or another surface. In most cases, the surface projected onto is flat, large, and lightly colored.

Delivery at your doorstep 

If you want to buy printers scanners and projectors online, we give you the convenience of shopping from anywhere you want. With Farosh Online shopping, place your order in seconds, and we will deliver your product right to the address you provide in just a few days.