About Us

Who are We?

Farosh Mall is a mega mall where customers can easily shop at competitive prices from a variety of vendors. Farosh strives to provide a stress-free shopping experience for its customers. Our mall is creatively designed to allow customers to browse and shop conveniently. We hope to gain both satisfied and new customers. For our customer's convenience, we highlight our best-selling products in the Daily and Prime products sections. We charge a very low shipping fee for delivery, which is another appealing feature we provide to our online customers.

Some of the benefits we provide to enhance the online shopping experience are as follows :

.  We provide variations of the same item from different stores

.  Our products are priced with affordable price tags

.  All of our products are put through a quality assurance process

.  Farosh offers instant delivery nationwide

.  We provide a 7-day return policy

.  Our online partners are verified

Our Promises to the Valuable Buyers

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Secure Payments

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Easy Return & Refunds

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Instant Delivery

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Receive Accurate Orders

How We Aim to Gain Strength in the Market

To aim for a strong place in the marketplace, Farosh Mall makes sure not to compromise on the quality of its products. Our buyer support team record complaints with attentiveness and provides instant solutions without causing any delay in the process. We stand for quality assurance and has given the privilege to buyer to record unboxing videos of the received products. Whether a client is providing a positive review or raising an objection, we always make sure to follow up on the matter carefully until it is fixed.

Our Aim

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Build Trust-worthy Buyer Relationships

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Enhance Online Shopping Experience

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Boost E-commerce Industry in Pakistan

farosh - online shopping in pakistan

Offer Vast Variety of Products Online