Community is at the heart of what we do at Farosh. Buyers are welcomed and encouraged to use community spaces for the purpose of sharing knowledge and ideas to build trade relationships with other parties. Community spaces include Blog, Forums and Events.


  1. Blogs
  2. Forums
  3. Events


A. Blogs

Blog is a feature provided by Farosh where buyers can get information about the latest trends on e-commerce, the advantages and statistics of online shopping in Pakistan and worldwide, the new features introduced in e-shopping portals and the ones added on Farosh and much more. The purpose of these blogs is to keep our buyers engaged and informed all the time. This is to ensure that all the sellers, buyers, competitors, visitors and media agencies, and stakeholders involved in Farosh’s business are on the same page about the recent happenings in the e-commerce world.


B. Forums

Farosh provides forums for the members of the community to interact and discuss anything of their interest. By using the forums at Farosh, you acknowledge that:

  • The content you post on these Forums is permanent (unless it is removed by Farosh itself in case of violation observed).
  • The content posted must be constructive and helpful for other users if you are voicing your critique or disagreement through it.
  • Any action taken by a moderator to keep the forum organized should not be discussed publicly by the community users.
  • Any inappropriate content posted by the users on these forums shall be removed by Farosh.
  • Violating our community policies may lead to the loss of your privileges to post on our forums and community spaces.


C. Events

Farosh has a number of events on its platform all year round. All policies related to these events are defined and decided at the time of event and are subject to change from time to time. Promotions and discount deals are offered in different events, the validity of which holds only till that event lasts on the website. Buyers need to follow the policies and requirements of these events.