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Irons & Garment Steamers in Pakistan

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Fresh, unwrinkled clothes improve your look, whether you are trying to attract someone or score a job, but getting perfectly pressed clothes takes time and effort. Steaming clothes is a less complex process than ironing that achieves equally wrinkle-free results. It's the go-to choice in various professional industries such as fashion and broadcast, where items may need to be packed up and moved often. There are various types of iron for clothes, steam irons, but they all generally function the same way. Water is placed in a base or reservoir, heated to produce steam, and that steam is released through a wide nozzle which you hover over whatever it is you're looking to de-wrinkle.


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Get professional laundering results at home with tools and accessories from a vast assortment of the steam iron press. We have a huge assortment of products suited to your specific purposes, including Irons, Ironing Boards, and Covers. Farosh offer Automatic Turnoff Irons and Travel Irons that come in super handy on trips. 

Farosh offers a huge collection of Garment Steamers and trousers Pressers. Don't panic about all those crinkles created in your travel bag. In Garment Steamer Accessories, you will find a huge collection of steam press stands and boards, lint brushes and vacuums, and other machine parts and accessories. Our Trouser Pressers help you achieve the professionally pressed look you feel good about, and that enables you to achieve your best on the job or wherever you go.


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