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When we use the home generator as a backup power supply preference, it is a great way to stay prepared during a power outage. Whether it’s because of a storm or a problem with the power grid, proper preparation can make a significant difference. There are many useful benefits to owning a home electric generator instead of diesel generators for home use. Standby generators have the capacity to perform self-maintenance to avoid biofilm from building up and causing problems with the generator’s performance. The owner can preset scheduled self-maintenance instead of servicing the generator set every 6 months or so, a task that can be detrimental if neglected (especially if you find out the generator isn’t running only after you try to use it during an emergency power outage) Standby generators, unlike a portable generator for home use, connect directly to the house’s electrical circuit and stay connected permanently. The generator stays off until it detects there is no longer a source supplying power to the residence. When a power outage begins to occur, an automatic transfer switch begins redirecting the power load to the standby Genset for a seamless transition between power supplies. This happens within seconds and does not require any additional steps from the generator owner to achieve. This is a significant advantage to owning standby generators, generators with batteries as opposed to the manual steps small portable generators require for transitioning the power load. The most important advantage to owning a home standby generator is that it needs significantly less maintenance over time.


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