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Heaters & Geysers

Apart from being disagreeable, taking a shower with cold water can unfavorably affect your health when extreme weather conditions occur. With appliances like Geysers, you can have long and comfortable showers even throughout winter. To make your bathing experience in winter more rejuvenating and refreshing, Farosh offers a wide range of heaters & geysers available online. Buy heaters & Geysers online in Pakistan at Farosh.pk. Electric heaters and instant geyser are both energy efficient and convenient to use. The instant water heater by Farosh has a strong and useful heating element that ensures that the water heats up in no time. So you don’t need to wait hours to get hot water, which was the case with the old-style Geysers.


Large Variety of Heater and Geyser are Available on Farosh

Unlike the traditional bulky and power-guzzling water heaters, the range of electric water heaters by Farosh is compact, portable, and extremely energy efficient. They come in diverse volumes so that you can select the water heater according to your family size. You can also choose a tank water heater or a tankless water heater depending on your requirements. Buy Instant geyser online at Farosh.pk.


Quality and Safety Guaranteed

The Farosh electric water heaters have a very pleasing and elegant design and come in a thermoplastic shell which ensures durability. Farosh water heaters meet all high standards of quality and safety. They also come with a unique protection device, which attracts the harmful salts present in the water towards it, thus keeping the tank and heating element safe from any corrosion.


Offering the Best Value

The Farosh water heater is durable and functions well for years. The water heater price is such that the value which you get in return is much higher than the price you pay for it. Buy solar geyser and gas heater at Farosh.pk. No need to worry about creating a dent in your pocket with water heaters as there are a range of electric heaters in Pakistan. electric geyser prices in Pakistan, water geyser prices in Pakistan, instant geyser prices in Pakistan, and water heater prices that you can choose from. Instead of running from one shop to the other looking for the best water heater, you can browse and buy Farosh water heaters online. Farosh has an extensive variety available for you to select the one that suits your needs perfectly.