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Buy Blocks and building toys

Buy blocks and building toys online in Pakistan at Farosh is an online store that offers a vast assortment of building blocks toys


Buy Blocks and building toys at

The wandering and curious-minded kids need some good games like these buildings and block games. To make their free time more useful and help them learn about size, shape, texture, structure, these block games are recommended. These building block toys and building bricks toys are usually preferable for kids from ages 6 months to 5 years. Noting a child’s cognitive development, these allow kids to explore the unknown world of colorful butterflies and irregular looking building structures.


Makes learning easier and more fun

If you are one such concerned parent to make learning easy and fun for your little kid, we take this opportunity to let you explore the multifaceted world of brick and block games available at We offer wooden toy blocks and stacking blocks toy.


Building blocks toys Pakistan 

The toy building block plastic is the most common block game that can be played by a six-month-old baby and also a two years old toddler. These block games help in making your child more aware of shapes, colors, and structures. He knows to fill in the gaps by using these building blocks. Many block games are available in different shapes and colors. For example – if you want your child to understand shapes like rectangle, circle, cylinder, square, and cube, and so on, these are the perfect games to be bought. Similarly, games providing blocks in multicolor ensure that your child learns to differentiate between two colors by playing these games in no time. All of these building and block games are intended to energetically indulge your child leaving no place for boredom. The kids will enjoy to their fullest getting a little company from your side. Blocks toys price in Pakistan is affordable at


Good activity for curious minds

The exclusive collection of brick and block games at offers the most simple to complex games depending on the kid’s age group. Where we offer simple block games to lure kids, there are complex building games to quench the activity level desired for a 3 to 5 years old child. Our games like the Magnetic lowercase alphabet train help in learning alphabets while arranging the letters in alphabetical order. This game offers good creativity for your child and helps them learn alphabets in a fun way.