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If you're looking to smarten up your home, there is one thing you can buy a set of smart light bulbs. This is the easiest and most affordable entryway into building a smart home, and a gateway to future smart devices like smart plugs, security cameras, and sensors, door locks, etc. When it comes to Led Light or Energy Saver bulb or table lamp, there are lots of different options available, with the most recognized ones being the Hue LED Bulbs. But before you settle on any particular brand, there are a number of things you should think about beforehand, especially if you plan on outfitting your entire home. Here's a quick rundown of things to consider.


Floor Lamps

If you grew up at a time when floor lamps were popular, you probably have a few memories of them. You almost certainly knocked one over at some point by running through the house or — even worse — playing ball in the house. Or, if you were lucky enough to have a floor lamp with a three-way bulb, you could spend hours entertaining yourself with the bright/brighter/brightest settings. Admittedly, I may not have had the most exciting childhood.

You may not have thought much about floor lamps lately. Or maybe that 100-year grounding your parents gave you after breaking the lamp as a kid technically remains in place, so you have a mental block about floor lamps. But modern floor lamps offer different and contemporary designs versus their counterparts from a few decades ago. Newer lamps may use LED lighting, which provides a pleasing type of lighting that's also cost-effective and efficient.


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