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Fees & Pricing Policy

Fees & Pricing Policy

Fees has to be paid for using some of the services at Farosh. The following section explains the policies on such fees and how these are to be paid. This policy is a part of Terms of Use of Farosh. When a seller lists items for sale on Farosh, this policy, along with other Terms of Use, must be followed.

Types of Fees

The following types of fees are regulated at Farosh:

  • Listing Fees: Currently, there is no fee charged for listing your items for sale at Farosh.pk.
  • Payment Processing Fees: Payments can be received by using one of the payment methods listed at Farosh and a fixed fee Rs.190 is charged for processing these payments.
  • Advertising Fees: There are no fees charged for advertisements of seller products.
  • Digital VAT (Value Added Tax) Fees: Under Pakistani Law, when you sell a physical item or digital item that is downloaded to a buyer living in Pakistan, a tax (for example GST; we will just refer to GST and any local sales taxes collectively as 'VAT') is charged by the relevant tax authorities based upon the tax rate. For the sales made through Farosh Payments, VAT is collected from the seller by Farosh and is paid to the relevant authority.



Farosh Fees
Parent CategorySub CategoryLast CategoryFarosh Fee
Computing & Gaming   
  Tablet PC3.45%
  Desktop computer6.03%
  Desktop monitor6.03%
 Computer Accessories  
  USB Drives/Card Readers6.03%
  Internal hardware6.03%
  External hardware4.31%
  Monitor Stands12.93%
  Laptop Battery/Charger6.03%
  Laptop Cooling Pads/Stands12.93%
  Adapters & Cables12.93%
  Computer Components12.93%
  Laptop Bags12.93%
  Other Computer Accessories12.93%
 Printers & Scanners  
  Barcode/Fingerprint Readers6.03%
  Fax Machines6.03%
  Printer & Scanner Accessories2.65%
 Gaming Console & Accessories  
  Gaming PC5.17%
  Gaming Accessories12.93%
  Other Gaming12.93%
 Network Components  
  Network adaptors2.65%
  Access Points12.93%
  Other Network Components12.93%
Phones & Tablets   
 Smart Mobiles  
  Tecno Mobile4.00%
  Smart Watches3.45%
  Other Smart Mobiles4.00%
 Feature Mobiles  
  Other Feature Mobiles5.17%
  Android Tablet4.31%
 Mobiles & Tablets Accessories  
  Mobile Charger & Cable12.93%
  Handsfree & Headset12.93%
  Mobile Holder & Selfie Stick12.93%
  Covers/Cases & Protections12.93%
  Power Bank12.93%
  Speaker Docks12.93%
  Technology Gadgets12.93%
  Smartwatches Accessories12.93%
  Bluetooth Accessories12.93%
  Other Mobiles/Tablets Accessories12.93%
 Landline Phones  
  Landline Phones8.62%
TVs, Audio & Cameras   
 LED , LCD & Smart TVs  
  LED Tv3.45%
  LCD Tv3.45%
  Smart Tv3.45%
  Tv Accessories8.62%
  Other Televisions3.45%
 Audio & Video  
  Portable Speaker8.62%
  Home Theaters6.03%
  Sound & Stage Equipment8.62%
  Portable Players8.62%
  DVD/Blu-Ray Players8.62%
  Musical Instruments8.62%
  Audio & Video Accessories8.62%
  Other Audio & Video8.62%
  DSLR Camera3.45%
  Digital Camera3.45%
  Drones Camera3.45%
  Underwater Camera3.45%
  Spy Cameras3.45%
  Security/Surveillance Cameras3.45%
 Camera Accessories  
  Camera Bags, Covers & Cases5.17%
  Camera Stands5.17%
  Camera Lens5.17%
  Camera Flashes5.17%
  Camera Filter5.17%
  Camera Straps5.17%
  Camera Chargers & Batteries5.17%
  Studio & Lighting Equipment5.17%
  Drone Accessories5.17%
  Other Camera Accessories5.17%
Kitchen & Appliances   
 Small Appliances  
  Food Preparation11.20%
  Juicer & Extractor11.20%
  Coffee Machines11.20%
  Food Steamer11.20%
  Electric Kettles & Thermo Pots11.20%
  BBQ Grill11.20%
  Sandwich Maker & Presses11.20%
  Other Small Appliances11.20%
 Large Appliances  
  Deep Freezer/Refrigerator4.31%
  Water Dispenser6.03%
  Kitchen Hood6.03%
  Kitchen Stove & Cooktop6.03%
  Water Filter & Air Purifier6.03%
  Other Large Appliances6.03%
 Kitchen Accessories  
  Chef Knives & Sharpeners11.20%
  Cooking Pans11.20%
  Cutting Board11.20%
  Measuring Tools & Scales12.93%
  Kitchen Storage & Accessories12.93%
  Kitchen & Table Linen12.93%
  Kitchen Crockery11.20%
  Other Kitchen Accessories11.20%
 Kitchen Appliances Parts & Accessories  
  Coffee Machine Parts & Accessories12.93%
  Dishwasher Parts & Accessories12.93%
  Freezer Parts & Accessories12.93%
  Kitchen Stove & Cooktop & Accessories12.93%
  Oven Parts & Accessories12.93%
  Other Kitchen Appliances Parts & Accessories12.93%
Beauty & Health   
  Makeup Remover12.93%
  Makeup Organizers12.93%
  Makeup Palettes & Packages12.93%
  Makeup Accessories12.93%
 Skin Care  
  Lotion/Moisturizers & Creams12.93%
  Skin Care Tool12.93%
  Body Wash & Scrub12.93%
  Beauty Package12.93%
  Other Skin Care12.93%
 Bath & Body  
  Mats, Towels & Robes12.93%
  Body Wash12.93%
  Dental Care12.93%
  Body Soaps & Shower Gels12.93%
  Bath & Body Accessories12.93%
  Washroom Storage12.93%
  Other Bath & Body12.93%
 Hair Care  
  Hair Treatment12.93%
  Hair & Body Massage Oil12.93%
  Hair Colors12.93%
  Hair Styling12.93%
  Hair Straightener & Curler12.93%
  Hair Dryer12.93%
  Hair Removal Tools12.93%
  Hair Care Accessories12.93%
  Shampoo & Conditioner12.93%
  Medical Equipments8.61%
  Vitamins & Supplements12.93%
  Oral Care12.93%
  Ear Care12.93%
  Health Care Accessories12.93%
  Other Health Care12.93%
Women's Fashion   
 Women's Clothing  
  Women's Hoodies & Sweatshirts17.24%
  Unstitched Fabrics17.24%
  Women's Muslim Wear17.24%
  Party & Wedding Dresses17.24%
  Dupattas, Stoles & Shawls17.24%
  Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez17.24%
  Women's Tops17.24%
  Women's Bottom17.24%
  Women Coats & Jackets17.24%
 Women's Sleepwear & Lingeries  
  Bra, Panties & Lingeries17.24%
  Bodysuits, Camisoles & Slips17.24%
  Women Nightwear17.24%
 Women's Shoes  
  Sandals & sleeper17.24%
  Khusas & kolapuri17.24%
  Boots & Sneakers17.24%
  Flip Flop & Slides17.24%
  Women's Shoes Accessories17.24%
 Women's Accessories  
  Women’s Epilators17.24%
  Hair Accessories17.24%
  Women's Jewellery17.24%
  Women's Socks17.24%
  Women's Watches17.24%
  Hand Bag, Clutch & Purse17.24%
  Women Sunglasses17.24%
  Women's Fragrances & Body Spray17.24%
  Hats, Caps & Gloves17.24%
  Women's Winter Accessories17.24%
  Women's Umbrellas & Rainwear17.24%
  Others Women’s Accessories17.24%
Men's Fashion   
 Men's Clothing  
  Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts17.24%
  Unstitched Fabrics17.24%
  Men's Muslim Wear17.24%
  Party & Wedding Dresses17.24%
  Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez17.24%
  Men's Tops17.24%
  Men's Bottom17.24%
  Men’s Coats & Jackets17.24%
  Men’s Suits17.24%
 Men's Sleepwear & Innerwear  
  Men's Vest17.24%
  Men's Underwear17.24%
  Men's Sleepwear17.24%
 Men's Shoes  
  Sandals & Sleepers17.24%
  Sneakers & Boots17.24%
  Sport Shoes17.24%
  Khusa & Kolapuri17.24%
  Formal Shoes17.24%
  Men’s Shoes Accessories17.24%
 Men's Accessories  
  Men’s Hair Grooming17.24%
  Men's Watches17.24%
  Caps, Hats & Gloves17.24%
  Wallet & Card Holder17.24%
  Men’s Sunglasses17.24%
  Men’s Jewellery17.24%
  Men's Socks17.24%
  Cufflinks, Ties & Bow Ties17.24%
  Men's Fragrances & Body Spray17.24%
  Men's Winter Accessories17.24%
  Men's Umbrellas & Rainwear17.24%
  Other Men’s Accessories17.24%
Toys & Kids   
 Boy Fashion  
  Boy Clothing17.24%
  Boy Shoes17.24%
  Boy Accessories17.24%
 Girl Fashion  
  Girl Clothing17.24%
  Girl Shoes17.24%
  Girl Accessories17.24%
 Toys & Games  
  Party Supplies8.62%
  Remote Control & Play Vehicles8.62%
  Learning & Education8.62%
  Baby & Toddler Toys8.62%
  Stuffed Toys8.62%
  Kids Scooty8.62%
  Electronic Toys8.62%
  Dolls & Accessories8.62%
  Fidget Spinner8.62%
  Blocks & Building Toys8.62%
  Sports & Outdoor Play8.62%
  Other Toys & Games8.62%
 Baby Kids Accessories  
  Baby Care & Safety8.62%
  Baby Personal Care8.62%
  Baby Gear8.62%
  Diapering & Potty8.62%
  Nursery & Bedding8.62%
  Baby Feeding8.62%
  Maternity Care8.62%
  Other Kids Accessories8.62%
Home & Living   
  Mattress Pads12.93%
  Bolsters, Pillows & Pillows Cover12.93%
  Blanket & Quilts12.93%
  Bedding Set12.93%
  Cushions & Covers12.93%
  Sofa Covers12.93%
  Bedding Accessories12.93%
  Other Bedding12.93%
 Home Décor  
  Rugs & Carpets12.93%
  Photo Frames & Gallery Art12.93%
  Candle & Candle Stand12.93%
  Wall Decor12.93%
  Room Dividers & Screens12.93%
  Artificial Flowers & Plants12.93%
  Other Home Decoration12.93%
  Home & Office Furniture8.62%
  Living Room Furniture8.62%
  Bedroom Furniture8.62%
  Kitchen & Dining Furniture8.62%
  Outdoor Furniture8.62%
  Other Furniture8.62%
 Home Appliances  
  Vacuums & Floor Care6.03%
  Irons & Garment Steamers8.62%
  Sewing Machine11.20%
  Washers & Dryers4.31%
  Air Conditioner & Inverter5.17%
  Generator & Power Supplies6.03%
  Fans & Air Coolers11.20%
  Heater & Geyser6.03%
  UPS & Inverters6.03%
  Other Home Appliances11.20%
 Home Appliances Parts & Accessories  
  Fan Parts & Accessories11.20%
  Generator Parts & Accessories11.20%
  Irons & Steamers Parts & Accessories11.20%
  Heater & Geyser Parts & Accessories11.20%
  Washers & Dryers & Accessories11.20%
  Cooling Parts & Accessories11.20%
  Other Home Appliances Parts & Accessories11.20%
 Home Supplies  
  Housekeeping Duster11.20%
  Dustbins & Brooms12.93%
  Insect Killer12.93%
  Home Crockery11.20%
  Travelling Bags8.62%
  Home storage & Organizers8.62%
  Office Bag8.62%
  Other Home Supplies12.93%
  Lamp, Bulb & Component12.93%
  Rechargeable Lights12.93%
  Outdoor Lighting12.93%
  Decorative & Ceiling Lights12.93%
Sports & Fitness   
 Exercise & Fitness  
  Exercise Bikes8.62%
  Abs Roller8.62%
  Hot Shapers8.62%
  Body Massager8.62%
  Fitness Accessories8.62%
  Other Exercise & fitness8.62%
  Cricket Kit8.62%
  Cricket Bat8.62%
  Cricket Ball8.62%
  Cricket Accessories8.62%
  Cricket Wears8.62%
  Football Kit8.62%
  Football Wears8.62%
  Football Accessories8.62%
  Hockey Kit8.62%
  Hockey Wears8.62%
  Hockey Accessories8.62%
 Other Sports  
  Table Tennis8.62%
  Water & Beach Sports8.62%
  Other Sports Accessories8.62%
Automobiles & Toolkits   
  Bike Cover8.62%
  Bike Accessories8.62%
  Bike Mobil Oil8.62%
  Bike Tires & Wheels8.62%
  Bike Batteries & Accessories8.62%
  Bike Tools & Maintenance8.62%
  Riding Gear8.62%
  Other Bike Use8.62%
  Car Cover & Matt8.62%
  Sunshade & Seat Cover8.62%
  Car Mobil Oil & Luster8.62%
  Exterior Accessories8.62%
  Car Camera, Lighting & Electrical8.62%
  Car Tires & Wheels8.62%
  Other Car Use8.62%
 Tools & Hardware  
  Power Tools11.20%
  Fire Safety11.20%
  Fixtures & Plumbing11.20%
  Tool Set11.20%
  Measuring & Leveling11.20%
  Security Equipment11.20%
  Lawn & Garden Tools11.20%
  Storage & Shelving Tool11.20%
  Other Tools & Hardware11.20%
School & Stationery   
 Books & Magazines  
  Holly Quran12.93%
  Chinese Books12.93%
  English Books12.93%
  Local Books12.93%
  Educational Kids Books12.93%
  MCQ Books12.93%
  Religion Books12.93%
  Other Books & Magazine12.93%
  Art Supplies4.31%
  Packaging Material4.31%
  Paper Products4.31%
  Religious Product4.31%
  School & Office Equipment4.31%
  Writing & Correction4.31%
  Other Stationary4.31%
 School Supplies  
  Lunch Box8.61%
  School Bags8.61%
  Water Bottle8.61%
  School Uniforms8.61%
  School Shoes8.61%
  Other School Supplies8.61%