Farosh Loader

Farosh promotes diversity on all levels and makes it easier for businesses from various backgrounds to join the platform and develop business ties. The Terms of Use of Farosh prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, or any other characteristic. All users of Farosh are guaranteed a positive experience, and any conduct that results in an unwelcome circumstance is forbidden. However, any discriminatory local law restriction may be applicable, and it is the responsibility of the retailers to be aware of this. In all other situations, discrimination is not permitted. While using Farosh, you cannot engage in the following actions:


  • Denying service on the grounds that a person belongs to one or more protected groups
  • Remarks that are derogatory or insulting to the protected groups listed
  • Using Racial slurs
  • The use of racial insults


If you observe any discriminatory action taking place on the website, please report it immediately by emailing us at [email protected] and we shall investigate the matter on a priority basis.