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Which type of workout is better for muscle gain?

Which type of workout is better for muscle gain?

Saman Javed

To build muscle, you need to indulge in a sort of strength training that will put a load on the muscles hard enough to make them stronger ultimately bigger. This training can be in the form of calisthenics such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, dives, or in the form of strength exercises such as free weights, weight lifting equipment, or tube and wire pulley systems. Start with 15-20 repetitions and as your body gets stronger progress into heavier weights and lower repetitions until you’re performing 3-6 repetition loads.  f you're new to resistance training, or more than 40 years old, it's recommended to get a thorough physical training before starting.

blog time 04:08 01 Jul, 2020

2 Responses

Aleey faiz

Aleey faiz

I am beginner so i start 10 repetition as along with that i am doing Jogging I Hope so i get in shape

From : Aleey faiz blog time 04:34:PM Jul 01, 2020
Mahnoor Ali

Mahnoor Ali

yes i agreed with him do it regular you will see the results

From : Mahnoor Ali blog time 05:27:PM Jul 01, 2020