What are good ways to build an online shopping website?

What are good ways to build an online shopping website?

How to build a shopping website by yourself? The editor of Corner Point Technology believes that the most important thing to build a mall is program development. It is more troublesome to build a mall website by yourself. It requires front page planning, website page design, website back-end development, and so on. The following editor will share with you the steps involved in building a mall website.


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Sara Ali

Sara Ali

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How to create an online mall website on the Internet

In recent decades, the concept of online shopping websites has become the development trend of the global modern retail industry. E-commerce shopping sites save you the trouble of going to multiple locations to find and buy goods. You can find everything you want on a website mall platform. Who doesn't love convenience? Saving time is saving money.

You visit the website and find various products in one place. All kinds of products from clothing to electronics and gadgets can be added to the same shopping cart and delivered to your doorstep after purchase. How exciting it is.

Let us discuss in detail the online shopping mall and the functions included in the online shopping mall website construction.

How does the online shopping mall custom design work? To understand the functions of an online shopping mall, it is important to understand the users involved in the system and how they interact with each other

Users of online shopping malls

  1. The owner of the mall and merchants settled inThe mall owner who provides the source of goods wants to open a shop and sell things online, provide basic facilities, and the merchant shop owner platform. In an electronic mail, the mall owner is a multi-site administrator, who publishes the store’s own product information, processes orders, and so on. Necessary functions for custom development of mall website shopping mall website development requires various plug-ins (e-commerce payment gateway, contact form, search engine optimization, marketing statistics) and member registration and login.
  2. ShopkeeperThe shop owner or supplier wants to build a shop online. Since this customized website mall framework (basic page, payment options, e-commerce platform) is in place, it allows store owners to easily create stores. However, in order to use the functions of the mall website, the store owner will have to pay an annual fee or order commission to the mall platform owner. Shop owners can register on the main site to create an online store shop owner can choose the theme (from the available options) and personalize the online store decoration/she can set up products, manage orders and payments. The store owner is the administrator of the subsite
  3. CustomersCustomers who are end-users will visit the online store to purchase products. Customers can use the main site as a catalog to visit various stores. Once the customer is registered on the main site, the customer will be registered in all stores. Customers can search for stores and products on the main site customers can purchase products from a single site

Categories and brands

On the online shopping mall website, a specific brand or store has a dedicated sub-site or web page, which is tailor-made according to the customization requirements of the brand, thereby promoting brand promotion. The market also supports search filtering and classification based on product categories or brands, but suppliers will not get exclusive pages or control the way their products are displayed or displayed.PayEyada, a mall website customization company, provides the required payment gateway functions for online stores, such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, and online banking online payments. Want to go all out to make your new e-commerce with great success? Shanghai Eada can help you build a custom-developed e-commerce website for you. We have extensive experience in the custom development of e-commerce websites and can build a professional trading website for you. We will provide you with the most suitable e-commerce solution for you and help you complete the whole process. We have established an e-commerce website for 13 years, which can save you a lot of time and energy, and achieve your goals faster and easier.

Mall website custom design

First, we will define what you need to communicate in detail. What is your target audience? After this, we will learn about the mall website customization company which is better, and then start to decide to use the technology used in the customized development of Eyada, and calculate how much money and schedule our project development needs. Now that we know exactly what functions your high-end enterprise mall website needs to customize, let us continue to understand the technical details.


Usra Riaz

Usra Riaz

blog time 11:48:am 22 Mar, 2021

What do you need to build an e-commerce website or foreign trade website to sell products? Do you think building a website is a very complicated thing? In fact, you can start from scratch in about 2 hours and build a powerful professional e-commerce website or foreign trade website by yourself (video tutorial is below). Simply put, to build an e-commerce website or foreign trade website, you only need to buy the domain name (URL) and space (host space) from the global company US Domain Center, and then use the US Domain Center provided Free one-click installation of WordPress free website platform (CMS) function. After WordPress is installed, your website will go live immediately, no record is required, and viewers or customers from all over the world can reach your website. You can also use RMB (Alipay or UnionPay), U.S. dollars (credit card or PayPal), or any country's currency and payment method to pay. Recently, I also chatted with supporters from China, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and other places on WeChat and Email about some topics related to e-commerce and foreign trade websites. Because of the development of the Internet, more and more people build their own websites to sell products at home and abroad. Take the WooCommerce e-commerce system alone, it has an average of more than 20,000 downloads per day (currently 19,870,967 downloads). Now, the website has become an important platform for our communication and transactions, and it has also made marketing methods easier and simpler. My supporters and I have a lot of exchanges on WeChat and email, and e-commerce websites and foreign trade websites are also indispensable topics.

For example, Mr. Wang from China asked, "What platform is good for a foreign trade website? Is the WordPress platform suitable?"Answer: Currently, WordPress is the most popular website building platform (CMS). You can use WordPress and WooCommerce e-commerce systems to build foreign trade websites. WooCommerce is also the most popular e-commerce system in the world. Now, 30% of online stores are built using WordPress and WooCommerce, more than any other platform. Also, the Woocommerce e-commerce system has more than 19,870,967 downloads (data from the official WordPress website). More importantly, WordPress and WooCommerce have been translated into different languages. Whether you are building a business or foreign trade website in Chinese, English, Spanish, or any other language, you can use free resources such as WordPress and WooCommerce.

For another example, Mr. Li (English teacher) in China asked, "I want to set up an international trade website, a platform. If I bought a domain name in US Domain Center, what kind of plugin should I use? How to cope with the transportation issues?” Translation: I want to build a national trade website or platform. If I purchased a domain name in the US Domain Center, What plug-in do I need to install and how to set up international delivery? Answer: After you have purchased the domain name (URL) and space (host space) in the US Domain Center, you can use the one-click installation WordPress function it provides. Then, you can install the WooCommerce e-commerce system in the background of the website to build your foreign trade website. WooCommerce itself has shipping functions around the world. This is also one of the strong points of WooCommerce.

Stephanie in the United States asked, "I bought a website at the US Domain Center a few days ago. Now I have an e-commerce website that needs to collect credit card information. Do I need an SSL certificate? Answer: You can consider using an SSL certificate because customers know that their information is protected, and they will have more confidence in your business website. If you want to add SSL, we have also made a video tutorial to teach you step by step how to add an SSL certificate or HTTPS encryption to your website. I personally think that SSL encryption certificates should be added to websites that collect money online, such as JiuStore, JiuFree, and FastNetPay.When I talk about website building topics with supporters from different countries, I often think of my previous website building experience. More than 10 years ago, even writing a simple HTML website would take me more than a month. If you want to build an e-commerce website or foreign trade website, it takes a few months to be very common. Now, it is much easier to build a business website and a foreign trade website, because there are free resources such as WordPress and WooCommerce, but many people still don't know their existence. I also hope that JiuStore can let more people know about these free resources and make website building easier and simpler. US Domain Center (US Domain Center), a global company, has also made building a website easy and simple because you can directly use the one-click installation WordPress function it provides, no longer need to download WordPress, upload WordPress, and set up a database. Things. US Domain Center also provides a simple and easy website backup function.

2 hours to build an e-commerce website or foreign trade website

WordPress and WooCommerce allow you to easily and quickly build an e-commerce website or foreign trade Website to sell physical products, virtual goods, paid services, and downloadable goods on the Internet. Any of your goods can be sold in your country or anywhere in the world. The best thing is that it only takes about 2 hours to build an e-commerce website or foreign trade website. You don't need to learn any programming knowledge or any professional knowledge to build a powerful website.

Main features of your e-commerce website or foreign trade website

• Let you have a professional online store simply and easily

• There can be different collection interfaces, such as accepting credit cards, PayPal, and Alipay, etc.

• Adding products and other information is very easy and simple

• Add diversified products, such as color, size, and price, etc.

• Simply add other functions as required

• Learn more about WooCommerce e-commerce website system

2 sets of an e-commerce website or foreign trade website tutorial

you have purchased a domain name (URL) and space (host space) from the global company US Domain Center (US Domain Center) through our website, we are very grateful for your support. We provide 2 sets of video tutorials on e-commerce websites or foreign trade websites. Each video tutorial is about 2 hours. As long as you follow a set of video tutorials, you can build your own e-commerce website or foreign trade website from scratch. You will not get such video tutorials on any other website or place.

The first set is divided into two parts (about 2 hours)

• Video tutorial on building a complete website with WordPress (just 1 hour from scratch)

• Video of building a WordPress e-commerce website or foreign trade website (WooCommerce Tutorial)

The second set is a complete set of tutorials (about 2 hours)

• How to build a personalized foreign trade website or e-commerce website step by step with WordPress and WooCommerceYou only need to follow one of the video tutorials. If you have time, we recommend that you take a look at these two sets of video tutorials to learn more about WordPress and WooCommerce. You will find that no matter what WordPress theme you are using, the operations of WordPress and WooCommerce are basically the same. After purchasing one year of the domain name and one year of space, you only need to fill in the form below, and you will receive these 2 sets of video tutorials within 24 hours.


Faisal Sheikh

Faisal Sheikh

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How to make a shopping website?

How to make a shopping website? Sites where millions of users buy products generate revenue for sellers every day. You can make money and create your own shopping website. It's actually easy to build an online store and sell goods. A merchant account, such as PayPal and some photos, your merchandise, and you can go online at any time. How to make a shopping website?

First, we need to know what we use this website for, what is the use, how many people do it, how long it takes to do it, what architecture is used, what technology needs to be used, etc.

How to make a shopping website: Search for web hosting programs on the Internet and provide users with options to create an online shopping website

One of the top web hosting plans for e-commerce is Yahoo. Yahoo's plan provides enterprises with different types and unlimited disk space and data transfer, as well as a free domain name. ProStores and eBay also have comparison programs. Decide which provider to use through comparison and contrast functions in different programs. For example, looking for an e-commerce plan that provides a point and mouse operation guide to help you build your store. Remember, the more tools are available to you to display your products, your website will be more professional and attractive to potential customers. You also want to find a supplier that provides a highly reliable running time, such as a 99.9% level. More or less considered unreliable. Security is also important. Potential customers appreciate the peaceful mindset of payment transactions. Therefore, ensure that the SSL certificate provided by the provider.How to make a shopping website II: Create an e-commerce merchant account so that you can collect payments from your customers

Paypal and Google Checkout payment platforms are very popular and easy to set up. Just go to the website to register a company account. Both PayPal and Google provide free downloadable payment icons to use on your e-commerce website. Please note that the processing fee for each payment you receive will be deducted by PayPal or Google. Depending on the percentage of the purchased product price will vary.

How to make a shopping website III: Use the tools, virtual hosts provided by these tools, and build your own website

Yahoo provides a turnkey e-commerce solution. This setting allows you to easily and quickly create, by pointing and clicking, perfect storage, helping you upload product pictures, input descriptions, and set the price and shipping cost of each item sold. Marketing tools such as automatic top search engine submission for your website are also included. Since the host does not provide advanced features, saving a few dollars of investment in cheaper plans may result in an inferior website that is not easy to attract customers.

How to make a shopping website fourth: Publish your online shopping website web publishing tools

These tools provide virtual hosts to use. The publishing of action makes your website available to customers. A friend or family member visits your website. Ask them how attractive and easy to use they think your website is.

How to make a shopping website fifth: specific analysis

Since it is done in Java, you have to use object-oriented thinking to analyze the problem. First, find out the entities and attributes in the entire project, for example, your system should at least abstract a few entities user (user number, user name, password, gender, and other information)Commodity (commodity number, product name, product category, unit price, description, etc.)Commodity classification (classification number, classification description, and other information)Order (information such as order number, purchaser, product number, quantity, order date, etc.)And so on, all entities that may or can be pulled out must be pulled out, and then establish a relationship with each other. Form an E-R diagram, and finally build a database model from this diagram.

How to make a shopping website No. 6: After having a database model, the next step is to design the architecture of the website

For example, what structure do you use, generally there are the following structures simple and practical type: JSP+JavaBeanSimple and practical MVC type: JSP+Servlet+JavaBeanDistributed Enterprise Development 1: JSP+Servlet+EJBFramework integration type 1: JSP+Struts+Spring+HibernateFramework integration type 2: Freemarter+WebWork+Spring+JDBC (Hibernate)Framework + Distributed: JSP + Struts (WebWork) + EJBand many more, of course, you said, after reading so many, I don’t know which one to use, then I’ll recommend oneThe MVC type of JSP+Servlet+JavaBean is suitable for the development of your small website. After deciding the development type, prepare the development environment and necessary tools, for example, if you use EJB, download JBuilderIf you are using a framework, download Eclipse, Eclipse is recommended, of course, you can use the plug-in MyEclipse

How to make a shopping website No. 7: Code implementation

This piece is more troublesome. I assume to use JSP+Servlet+JavaBeanStart with the bottom code first, that is, from the DAO layer, write a common and powerful Dao interface for high-level calls. Then write the JavaBean of the entity class, basically, a JavaBean of the entity class corresponds to a database table or a view. Then write business methods, all services call a common Dao method to implement business logic. Of course, these Services are JavaBeans of business classes finally, write Servlet and JSP pages. After writing a test one, because a Servlet and a JSP are a functional module. Your project is small, so you have to test these functional modules yourself. After doing this, start to beautify the page, this time you can use Dreamweaver to beautify the page. By the way, check the js verification code on the page.

How to make a shopping website eight: test

Testing is definitely required. It depends on you how to make a shopping website ninth: go online after the test is OK, you can consider renting space, buying a domain name, and launching the project. A beautiful shopping website design can greatly increase the experience of the website, and it is also very helpful to the conversion rate of the website. The above is the content of "How to make a shopping website". For more exciting content of shopping website construction, please pay attention to Haitao Technology.


Usama Waseem

Usama Waseem

blog time 01:16:pm 24 Mar, 2021

What to prepare for a shopping website

Abstract: In this era of rapid development of the Internet, people's browsing of information is constantly accelerating, and with it comes the simplification of people's lives. One of the most obvious messages is the rapid development of e-commerce. Whether it is Taobao and Amazon, which are loaded with various stores, or Gome and Suning, which are self-contained, these shopping sites are silently announcing to the entire society that the era of online stores is coming. ..

In this era of rapid development of the Internet, people's browsing of information is constantly accelerating, and with it comes the simplification of people's lives. One of the most obvious messages is the rapid development of e-commerce. Whether it is Taobao and Amazon, which are loaded with various stores, or Gome and Suning, which are self-contained, these shopping sites are silently announcing the arrival of the era of online stores to the entire society. So what preparations should be made to build a shopping website? Taking advantage of the advent of the e-commerce era, the editor of Guangzhou Mcmore Mall website construction company also shared with you some preparations for starting a shopping website:


Making a shopping website requires basic technical preparation

The so-called preparation of knowledge and technology refers to the things you must understand before you start building a shopping website. Including the knowledge of website planning, demand analysis, architecture design, website development, website testing, deployment, post-maintenance, etc. for a period of time, these are the basic technical knowledge that you need to know to build an ordinary website.

Understand the main business of the shopping website made

Doing a shopping website is actually doing business on the Internet. If you don’t know anything about simple processes, then the website you make can only be said to be a web page for people to watch. Therefore, to build a shopping website on your own, you have to understand the main business processes. Among them, these business processes include knowledge of business flow analysis, cost budgeting, user experience design, visual design, and search optimization. So far, do we feel that building a shopping website by ourselves is a lot of preparation? In fact, all the work mentioned above is just preparation. There is still a long way to go to build a shopping website!

Started to build a shopping mall website

A simple website usually has a front-end and a back-end. The front-end includes the homepage, product display and collection, shopping cart, and product reviews. The back-end includes a data structure, data hot backup, data flow analysis, load capacity, etc. These aspects not only use the basic technical knowledge that needs to be prepared above but also require the site builder to use the knowledge learned flexibly to build a shopping website.

Improve the post-maintenance of the shopping mall website

The shopping website mainly displays the information about the goods. Therefore, the simple establishment of the website requires later maintenance of it. Only in this way can the entire website provide customers with a steady stream of information. In addition to maintenance, the entire website must continue to improve the information. This does not mean that the entire website must be filled with various information continuously. On the contrary, what we advocate is the addition of information that is beneficial to the entire shopping site. In summary, we understand that building a shopping website by ourselves is a relatively cumbersome task, and the cost of time consumed is relatively high. Therefore, if you don’t want to work so hard on your own, you can still go to the Maiduo website development mall to learn more. More about the development of shopping malls.Disclaimer: The article "What to prepare for a shopping website" is an original article of <Meduo Mall System>. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Thank you for your cooperation!


Fahad Hussain

Fahad Hussain

blog time 02:11:pm 29 Mar, 2021

7 Tips for a successful webshop

The turnover of webshops grew by 25% at the end of 2016 compared to the previous year. Selling via the internet is indispensable for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and (multi) nationals. How can you make a webshop a success? We give you 7 tips.

1. Its own identity Provide a unique name for your online store, one that is easy to remember and has an appropriate domain available. A recognizable logo and corporate identity that matches your product range is of course important. Also pay attention to your core values: why does your webshop exist, what exactly are you going to achieve for your target group and where are you stronger than your competitors?

2. Choose the right E-commerce platform Your webshop takes the necessary time and effort, for example with filling the entire product range. You don't want to have to do all this again in no time. Magento, the most widely used E-commerce CMS worldwide, is a powerful platform that gives you complete freedom in design, functionality and links, now and in the future.

3. Go for user-friendliness A user-friendly webshop helps you sell more because fewer buyers drop out. Search filters, an effective search engine, smooth operation on mobile devices, fast loading times and offering many payment options are powerful examples of this. But also think of emerging techniques such as chatbots and logging in via social media or iDIN, a new service from the banks with which consumers can identify themselves with other organizations online.

4. Maintain a high service level A good product price is essential. But you can also distinguish yourself with good service conditions. Be clear about your terms. Free shipping, free returns and fast delivery times are very effective for more sales. Afraid of high costs and many returns? Research shows that increasing the reflection period for returns (eg from 14 to 100 days) actually leads to fewer returns!

5. Provide as much product information as possible Be as complete as possible when informing visitors about your products. The more information you provide, the better the buyer's expectation is. The result: more sales and fewer returns.

Our tips:

• Provide all product specifications

• Show practical information about the product

• Show pros and cons

• Post clear, good quality images

• Show associated and alternative products

• Post a product video

6. Collect customer reviews Do you read customer reviews when buying a product online? Customer reviews immediately let visitors know that you have satisfied customers, so that you are seen as a reliable party. Afraid of negative reactions? Not necessary! Every webshop sometimes gets a negative response and this is seen as reliable by buyers. Speak is a reseller of KiyOh, a fully automatic review system for your webshop.

Other tips for a reliable appearance:

• State address and contact details

• Thuiswinkel Waarborg or Webwinkel hallmark

• SSL certificate

7. Don't forget online marketing Just like a physical store, you need visitors to be able to sell at all. With online marketing you ensure that online buyers can find your webshop and your brand awareness improves.

Crucial resources for your webshop are:

• Google AdWords and Shopping campaigns

• Remarketing

•Searchmachine optimalisation

• Social media

• Newsletters

• Loyalty programs

• Additional sales channels, eg a link with Bol.com

Aleey Fiaz

Aleey Fiaz

blog time 02:23:pm 29 Mar, 2021

How to Start a Successful Online Store in 2021

1. Choose the right ecommerce platform

2. Don't neglect mobile users

3. Make a great first impression

4. Why photos matter5. Improve the navigation of your site6. Have a unique idea

7. Create a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

8. Start blogging

9. Create a stunning About Us page

10. Develop a successful SEO strategy

11. Target the right visitor with the right product

12. Use Live Chat to help potential customers make decisions faster

13. To give a coupon or not to get a coupon

14. Improve your shopping experience

15. Develop a successful shipping strategy

16. Ask for feedback

17. Rethink your newsletter approach

18. Show people that your site is safe and reliable

19. Use the power of social media to promote yourself

20. Introduce a referral program

Mahir Arzu

Mahir Arzu

blog time 10:40:am 01 Apr, 2021

Do- it- yourself webshop
 You can arrange everything yourself, for which we compactly take you through the way to be taken.
 Claim the sphere name What's it?
 The sphere name is the name of your webpage. However, you should check whether it's still available If you have come up with a good sphere name. Try to include your company name, product, or service!
 How do you arrange it?
This can be done via the provider of a webshop package or viaSidn.nl. Then you can incontinently check whether the name is still available. You have the sphere name registered by the hosting provider/ register.
 Arranging the web hosting What's it?
 To run a webshop, you need web hosting and the reimbursement of online space where you store all your information.
 How do you arrange it?
Hunt for web hosting on Google and you'll find hundreds of providers. Make sure you rent enough garçon space, especially if you post a lot of prints or videos. A slow webshop scares callers down. Note you snappily pay€ 10 per month, which can run up to knockouts of euros when renting a lot of garçon space.
 Software for your webshopWhat's it?
To make your webshop you need a software package and specialized knowledge, so know what to start. The advantage of erecting it yourself is that you can design the webshop to your taste.
 How do you arrange it?
 In utmost cases you can start as a starter with free open source systems, the best known are
 WordPress( WooCommerce)
Still, you can be sure that everything works well and looks good If you outsource the structure of your webshop to a professional. Hundreds of template themes are available for free with these systems. In addition, there are thousands of other templates for trade, so you can make them as precious as you want.
 Find your added value
You have now set the foundation, but now you want the webshop to be a success. The added value is one of the most important aspects to consider. Opening a webshop is no guarantee of success. Guests don't come to you by themselves. The top 10 web stores together earn as important as the figures 11 to 100. They also enthrall all top results in Google.
 Stay ahead of the competition
Of course, findability on Google( see the coming title) and stoner- benevolence is a must-have. Competition is fierce, which is why you have to put energy into what distinguishes your company from others, similar to Special products with a good story and unique benefits of outstanding service. A special profit model that benefits your client. Apply SEO in your webshopFor illustration, if you're going to sell jeans, it's delicate to score well on Google. You can hardly distinguish yourself with product textbooks because everyone sells the same jeans. In addition, webshop titans similar to Zalando have bought stylish places on Google with paid announcements.
 SEO tips webshop
Where you used to be suitable to make your webshop reach the loftiest places on Google with SEO textbooks, you are now near behind the advertisements. Annoying, but it's important to finish as high as possible in the ranking. Read then how to use SEOoptimally.However, made from old boats from Indonesia), you can distinguish yourself with SEO textbooks, If you sell a unique product( rustic house figures. That is if people look for this. Combine online and offline creation and let this support each other.
 Give a responsive website
 Now that nearly everyone uses their smartphone or tablet to look up products or information, a duly performing mobile interpretation of your website is a must-have. A handy tool to check this is the" mobile-friendly test" tool from Google. Google, thus, works with a mobile-first indicator. This means that the ranking of mobile runners is leading. So make sure you have a responsive design, also you'll be set up briskly.
give the stylish service
Service is one of the most important factors that contribute to client retention. As a webshop proprietor, you have to be client-friendly, fluently accessible, have fast delivery times, and break problems. Treat your guests as you would like to be treated yourself. Satisfied guests leave positive reviews and recommendations on social media and induce word of mouth.
 Products return
Every webshop has to deal with products that are returned. How you deal with this is veritably important, it can make up for a negative client experience. The first step is to respond snappily to the complaint. Give the client the plutocrat back or shoot a new product, it's stylish to bandy what he/she wants most. cock shoot a particular card, that makes the client feel seen.
 Promotion on social media
Use social media channels similar to Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to showcase your products. Not every medium has a different approach. On Instagram, you partake in beautiful prints and show the story behind your company. On Facebook, you make adverts
 about( reduction) elevations, new products, participation in an event, or what you did at the moment. You show your products on Pinterest. For illustration, if you make rustic cabinetwork yourself, you can post these prints, including a link to your website. People get alleviation then and just your print on their digital pinboard.

Ahmed Mustaqeem

Ahmed Mustaqeem

blog time 10:57:am 01 Apr, 2021

Building a webshop: Two options

Depending on the budget and technical knowledge, there are two good options for building a webshop:

  1. A turnkey hosted website
  2. A tailor-made website

A ready-to-use solution comes with a standard Content Management System (CMS). Anyone who builds the webshop or has it built themselves can set up a CMS according to your own wishes.

Content Management System

You manage a webshop by means of a Content Management System. This software application is also referred to as the 'back' of a website.CMS systems come in all shapes and sizes, from paid to open source (we'll get into the differences below). You can compile a CMS entirely according to your own wishes.

Remember: the more functions you want to build in, the more expensive this will be. And the more laborious it is to manage the webshop.

Free CMS solution

In most cases, you can start with a free CMS solution as a starter. There are several open source systems, the best known of which are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. You can then make the expansion of the basis of these systems as cheap or as expensive as you want. There are hundreds of templates, known as themes, freely available and there are thousands of other templates for sale. Think carefully about where you put your time and energy into. You cannot spend all the time you put into building a webshop on the actual businessThis also applies to plugins, such as social media buttons. These systems are user-friendly, so that building a webshop is easy for a technical person. Think carefully in advance whether you want to invest time and energy in this. You cannot spend all the time you put into building a webshop on the actual business.

Ready-to-use webshop

Those who want to start their webshop immediately and have no ambition or knowledge to build the webshop themselves can rent an already equipped webshop for an amount between € 10 and € 70 per month.

Various providers in the Netherlands offer this option, including:

• WooCommerce

• Strato

• Argeweb

• MijnwebwinkelHosting and preservation of the domain name are included and the webshop is optimized for Google (see SEO later in this article).


The advantage of a ready-made webshop is that it is not expensive and you can get started right away. If you have technical problems you can go to a helpdesk, it includes a payment and stock system and the software is user-friendly.


The disadvantage is that you cannot arrange the design entirely according to your own taste and is, therefore, less distinctive compared to the competition.

The core of the story:

it is easy and relatively cheap to start a webshop, but difficult to keep doing it well. Make sure your webshop has added value.

Tailor your webshop

You can therefore also choose to have a webshop completely tailor-made. There are two options:

Free version

You need some technical knowledge for this because you have to build the webshop from the start. For a standard webshop, a free CMS solution is often enough to get started.

Popular examples are:

• Joomla

• Magento

• Wordpress (WooCommerce)

• Drupal

The advantage of building a webshop yourself is that you can complete it according to your own wishes. The downside is that this sometimes entails additional costs - not every template is free. With a turnkey solution, there are no hidden costs. Outsourcing the design to a professional is more expensive, but it does result in a distinctive web store

Paid version

You outsource the creation of the webshop to a professional web designer and have it decorated according to your own taste. You have the colors adapted to your corporate identity and the CMS can also be set up entirely according to your wishes. The start-up costs are higher this way, but it results in a professional and distinctive webshop. Prepare a business plan in advance in which you compare the expected costs and the expected customers (revenues). In your financial planning, take into account the payback time of the start-up costs.

Note: In all cases, you still have to look for a web hosting company yourself.

Web hosting

With ready-to-use software, web hosting is part of the rented package, but if you build the web store yourself, you have to arrange the web hosting yourself. This is a service that offers space for storing information online. Compare it to an owner of an office building who makes space available to you. There are big differences between the hosting providers and that also applies to the rates, which range from around € 10per month up to, depending on the amount of server space you need, € 100 per month. An important point of attention is to rent sufficient server space. When your webshop turns out to be slow, you lose visitors. Make sure the web host makes daily backups and has an easily accessible help desk.


The CMS is the back of the site, the front is your business card. If that is in order (see above), this invites visitors to (continue to) look around. You just have to get the visitors to your website and for that, it is important to be easy to find on the internet. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you ensure that your website becomes easier to find online. For example, set up your website in such a way that you use relevant keywords for your target group. You can hire specialized copywriters for this, but it is also possible to apply SEO yourself.

• Read here how you can use SEO optimally

Responsive web design

Almost everyone nowadays also uses their smartphone or tablet to order items online. Many customers will therefore view your webshop on a small screen. Therefore, make sure that your webshop is a response to web design so that the webshop is easy to read on any device.

Tip: Use this handy tool from Google to check how valuable Google finds your website to mobile users. Google works with a mobile first index. This means that the ranking of mobile pages is leading. So make sure you have a responsive design, then you will be found faster.


Hunain Khan

Hunain Khan

blog time 02:12:pm 05 Apr, 2021

How do I sell my products over the internet?

Selling through a web store is a good and relatively cheap way to serve more customers. But of course you have to know how it works and how to get started. The development of a webshop also requires a strong idea, a driven entrepreneur and the necessary knowledge.

Why choose a webshop?

Running a webshop has many advantages, here are the best 7 at a glance:

1. Determine your budget yourself (cheap!). Opening a webshop is a relatively low investment. In addition to providing space for the necessary stock, you do not have to rent or buy a commercial retail property. Buying the 'online space' for your digital business is not a big cost on top of that. Depending on the result you want, you also spend as much or as little budget as desired on 'building' your webshop.

2. Your shop is always open. As a webshop operator, you do not have any closing hours. Your shop is available 24/7. Your customers are not in front of a closed door or need to hurry. In this way, you offer your customer the freedom to determine when to make a purchase.

3. Make your product range as large as you want. In an online store, you do not have to have every product in stock. There are even web shops that work without stock. In that case, the product supplier delivers directly to the customer. In that case, you can even outsource the packaging and shipping, which can be useful.

4. Digital reduces work. When you can have certain processes run automatically, the work decreases for you. If everything is set up and runs properly, you don't have to check your cash register and stock at the end of the day.

5. You reach a large target group digitally. And ... we don't need to tell you that more and more people are 'going digital'. Computer, tablet, or smartphone, your webshop is accessible everywhere. Does ensure that your webshop is properly displayed on all different devices.

6. You have even more control through online marketing. You can reach the entire country in a few clicks via social media. Via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Advertising (SEA), you ensure that you appear at the top of the search results in Google. You can also easily set up social media campaigns yourself with the largest or smallest budgets.

7. Optimize your webshop according to the customer's wishes. Because your store is digital, you can keep track of data. How many people visited your webshop? How many people viewed a specific product? Did they place the product in their shopping cart? What did they do afterward? As a digital entrepreneur, you can also respond to this. Optimize your webshop based on the data that your visitors leave behind. In this way, you adapt more and more to the wishes of the customer.

Tip: Do you know entrepreneurs who run a webshop? Then be sure to consult them. There is no one better to give you the pros and cons than someone who has experience in the topic himself.

Aazal Chaudhari

Aazal Chaudhari

blog time 02:19:pm 05 Apr, 2021

How 'expensive' is a webshop?

As a starting entrepreneur you have the choice to only sell online or to combine it with a real store at a physical location. For example, self-employed people with a low start-up capital can start selling only online, because the initial investment for this is a lot slower than the costs of opening a physical store. This brings us directly to the first advantage of a webshop: the investment. If you count on 10,000 euros for setting up and starting your online store, then you have actually already done the calculations.

Tip: It can be a lot lower, but remember that it is better to invest well in the beginning than to have to adjust a lot later. In the long term, this will be more expensive for a webshop.

Fixed costs

The fixed costs are also normally a lot lower. If you can still manage it from home, you don't have to rent anything at all, but in any case, the location at a web store is less important than at a physical store. It can therefore be cheaper than in a busy commercial center.


Finally, you should not underestimate the potential reach of your own webshop. Webshops are much less geographically bound so that suddenly the entire country or even the entire world becomes a potential customer. In Belgium, it is still simple, because you only have to offer in French and Dutch and because the laws and regulations are the same everywhere. Sending abroad as a web store is also possible, but research it carefully before you start.

• In every country there are different VAT rules, import obligations, and so on.

• In addition, you must also offer the webshop in multiple languages, unless you simply leave everything in English. Anyway, if you take a smart approach, you can suddenly reach a lot of people via the internet. And if you manage to convince them, you can achieve exponentially more sales with your online store than you could ever achieve with a physical store.

How do you start your own webshop?

Nowadays there are a lot of website and software packages with which you can easily build your own webshop without technical knowledge. Usually, they are standard online stores and with a different approach, customers might be able to find your webshop even more easily. But it is very cheap and quite simple. For example, it can be a good first step to feel in the market whether there is room for and need for your concept. You can also call on professionals who design and develop your webshop. The price for this can vary greatly. If you are willing to make a reasonable investment (think of about 20,000 euros), you can turn to a top agency that thinks along strategically. If you prefer to stay close to 8 to 10,000 euros, you can call on the self-employed and freelancers. Even cheaper than that, but then you have usually found a newly graduated or inexperienced developer. Which of course does not necessarily mean that the quality will be less.

• After designing and developing your webshop, you really have to set it up and set it up. You have to choose your products, enter them, explain them and keep everything structured and easily searchable. Starters often underestimate how much time you have to make available for this. But it is very important because the user-friendliness of your webshop will be a determining factor for its possible success. In addition to the products, you also have to set up payment facilities, Visa for example, and determine your communication with the outside world.

• That communication with the outside world is extremely important for your webshop. Without clear communication, people will not know that you have a webshop on the net. The internet is infinitely extensive, being found is not always easy. In addition to direct communication via e-mails and social media, you must also ensure that your webshop is found in other ways, via Google for example. We cannot elaborate on that here, because Google optimization (SEO) is a profession in itself these days. But you will find a lot of free courses and important information about it on the internet.

Just do and learn

In a webshop, it mainly comes down to just doing it. But more important than "doing" is learning. Every step you take, every tweet, every Facebook message, every customer contact… can teach you something about possible improvements to your online store. Listen especially to the people who enter into conversation with you and try to respond to what they say. Nowadays consumers want to be customers of companies with an identity, a company that gives them the feeling that they are dealing with people.