What is the best, healthy liquid meal when you are in a hurry?

What is the best, healthy liquid meal when you are in a hurry?

Many People thought that healthy food takes a lot of time to be cooked. But I thought this point of view is quite wrong because many things and healthy drinks, meals can be made in no time. Share some of your healthy drinks and meals you guys create when you are in hurry!

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Fahad Hussain

Fahad Hussain

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Many people believe that eating liquid food can nourish the stomach; in the past, some doctors also advocated that patients with stomach problems should mainly eat porridge because liquid food is easy to digest. However, Chief Physician Lu Fenglin, Department of Gastroenterology, Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University, pointed out that long-term liquid food not only does not nourish the stomach, but it hurts the stomach.

  Lu Fenglin pointed out that liquid food is suitable for people who are weak and unable to chew food, such as the elderly, patients with oral or cheek surgery, and patients with gastrointestinal diseases. However, it is best for such people to take liquid food under the guidance of a doctor, and then mix it with other foods, otherwise the nutrition will not keep up. If a healthy person or a person with a weak stomach wants to eat liquid food to nourish their stomach, it may be counterproductive. Liquid food is swallowed and ingested without being chewed. It is not sufficiently stirred with saliva. The amylase in saliva cannot play the role of initial digestion. It will directly enter the stomach and increase the burden on the stomach. Liquid food contains more water and will dilute the gastric juice after entering the stomach. It is not conducive to the digestion of food; long-term consumption of liquid food will reduce the stomach function, and eating other foods, especially hard foods, fiber foods, etc., will increase the burden on the stomach.

Lu Fenglin believes that in order to nourish the stomach, the first step is to eat three meals a day at a fixed amount, eat seven points full, avoid uneven hunger and fullness, hunger and fullness will cause stomach damage. When eating, chew slowly and let the food enter the stomach after sufficient initial digestion, which can reduce the burden on the stomach, increase saliva secretion, and reduce gastric acid and bile secretion. People with a bad stomach should give up smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks, spicy and other irritating foods to avoid damage to the gastric mucosa. For families who like to use porridge, porridge, etc. for breakfast or dinner, it is best to match with foods such as steamed buns, steamed buns, and side dishes


Usama Waseem

Usama Waseem

blog time 05:10:pm 10 May, 2021

Porridge: Not suitable for patients with gastroesophageal reflux

Congee food is a liquid food, with a soft texture and easy digestion, which can reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. In theory, it is a good stomach food. However, Jia Kai, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that not all patients with stomach problems are suitable for porridge. For example, patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease are not suitable for porridge. This is because the porridge is relatively watery, and the patient will easily cause reflux after drinking it, which will cause pantothenic acid in the stomach, which will aggravate the condition. Such patients are not recommended to eat too much liquid food, they are suitable for eating semi-liquid or semi-solid food.

Jia Kai told reporters that for most other gastric patients, drinking porridge is very nourishing. The porridge can reduce the irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, and it can quickly enter the small intestine without a lot of chewing and gastric peristalsis. Helps digestion of food and is easily absorbed by the body. Moreover, for these people, the porridge is better to be boiled, and there should not be too many coarse grains.

Pasta: soft and rotten noodles nourish the stomach

If you have a bad stomach, you have to eat pasta. There is some truth to this argument. Because pasta is generally easier to digest, especially for patients with hyperacidity, eating more pasta foods can not only help the stomach to digest better but also because the alkali in the pasta can neutralize the excess stomach Stomach acid has a therapeutic effect.

Jia Kai especially reminded everyone: "Although pasta is more nourishing for the stomach, you should also pay attention to the hardness and cooking method of the pasta. For example, soft noodles and steamed buns are less irritating to the stomach than hard noodles and pancakes, especially chronic ones. Patients with gastritis and gastric ulcers should avoid irritation to the gastrointestinal tract in their daily lives. They should not eat hard, cold, spicy, and greasy foods. Such patients are suitable for foods such as noodles and longxu noodles."

Milk: two cups can be too much and hurt the stomach

Milk can dilute stomach acid, so it is often considered very suitable food for stomach nourishment. Jia Kai said that compared with other foods, milk does have relatively less irritation to the stomach. Although some theories believe that milk can neutralize gastric acid and form a protective film on the surface of the stomach, in fact, excessive and frequent intake of milk will increase the secretion of gastric acid.

Jia Kai emphasized that milk is edible for patients with stomach problems, but care should be taken in moderation. 300 grams of milk and milk products per person per day is appropriate, a glass of milk (200~250ml) for breakfast or one hour before going to bed at night, and a small cup of yogurt (100~125ml) for lunch. Do not use milk as a treatment Means for stomach problems. It is not recommended to drink milk for patients with acute gastritis or gastric disease, because it will cause discomfort such as bloating. In addition, patients with lactose intolerance are prone to diarrhea after drinking milk, and they are not suitable for drinking milk. These patients can use yogurt, cheese, etc. instead of milk.

Soda crackers: add meals suitable for regular meals, don’t eat

From the ingredient point of view, soda crackers contain alkaline sodium bicarbonate, which can neutralize the gastric acid of those with strong gastric acid secretion and relieve symptoms such as "heartburn" caused by excessive gastric acid secretion.

Jia Kai said: "Soda crackers are edible, but be careful that patients with stomach problems should chew adequately, chew slowly, and eat with some liquid foods. Moreover, soda crackers are not suitable for dinner. , It can be eaten as a snack during the recovery period of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, and other diseases.

"As for the so-called "stomach-nourishing biscuits" in the advertisement, the content of the ingredients for nourishing the stomach is extremely low. It is not realistic to rely on it to nourish the stomach.

Yam: Nourish the stomach and hurt the stomach

Yam is a starchy food, and patients with stomach problems can choose to eat it."Yams can’t talk about nourishing the stomach or hurting the stomach, because, from the ingredients of yam, there are no special ingredients for stomach nourishment. The main thing is to look at the cooking method, usually steaming. The yam made by this method will It is relatively soft, has no stimulating effect on the stomach, and is suitable for all stomach patients."Jia Kai finally reminded everyone that many stomach problems will recur in this season. Patients need to eat regularly, don't be hungry and full, reduce food irritation, keep warm, and keep their mood stable. If stomach problems occur, they must seek medical treatment in time.

Aazal Chaudhari

Aazal Chaudhari

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Nutritional advice for a liquid diet


What is liquid food?

With liquid food, you may only eat meals in liquid form. Liquid food can be used themselves are already liquid, or the food has been liquefied. For example, you may not eat bread, eat rusk or crackers but eat porridge or custard. You need food such as potatoes, meat, and vegetables to liquefy yourself. There are three types of liquid food, you can read more about this below. Your doctor or dietician discusses with you which liquid nutrition applies to you.

Thick liquid

Thick liquid food consists of food that can be eaten with a spoon and without chewing can be easily swallowed. This food can contain soft pieces.

Thin liquid

Thin liquid food consists of food that you do not have to chew and is so thin and smooth that it is through a straw.

Smooth liquid

Smooth liquid food consists of a thick or thin liquid food that has been sieved, resulting in the liquid food does not contain coarse and hard pieces.

Liquid food in practice take in enough nutrients

Good nutrition ensures the best possible condition of your body and it contributes to recovery after your medical treatment. It is therefore important to use the nutrition that is sufficient to contain energy, protein, and other nutrients. With liquid food, it is more difficult than with solid food to get all the necessary to take in nutrients. To use the same amount of nutrients, you must namely eat more liquid food than solid food. Do you think for enough intake nutrients, to the following: ensure a good, varied diet; Eat regularly and do not skip meals; Preferably consume three main meals and at least three snacks per day vary color and taste (sweet, sour and savory)Provide a pleasant temperature for your meal, this can be cold - lukewarm - warm.

Liquefying food

You can make the liquid meals yourself, but you can also use ready-made products such as baby food. Baby food for children up to eight months has a smooth liquid. Baby foods for children from eight months are thick liquid. This food often contains pieces. Solid food, such as meat or vegetables, can be done in various ways liquefy. You can puree it with a hand blender, food processor, or blender and then dilute with gravy, milk, cream, or stock until thin and runny. Season your food with herbs, spices, a lump of (diet) margarine, and/or a sauce



With liquid food, it is important that you use snacks so that you are divided overconsumed adequate nutrition throughout the day. Some examples of good snacks are:

PorridgeCustard; YogurtCottage cheese;


Milk and milk drinks such as:o chocolate milk;

milkshakes based on ice cream;o buttermilk;

yogurt drinking;


Use full products as much as possible. Water, coffee and tea, sugar-free lemonade, light soda, and broth do not provide nutrients. It is better to use this to a limited extent.


Fruits and juices

Use ripe/soft fruit without skins and seeds or use canned fruit. Puree and cut fruit fine, add fruit juice, milk, or yogurt if necessary. Use a food processor and blender or blender to obtain the correct thickness. In the store are also ready-made fruit puree and fruit juice available. You can also use the fruit snacks for children. Fruit snacks for children up to eight months are smooth. Fruit snacks for children from eight months are vicious and often contain pieces. As a savory variant, you can use vegetable juice, Use carrot juice, tomato juice, or beet juice.

The sandwich meals

You can opt for viscous products such as:

Porridge made from fine binders: Bambix, flour, custard, semolina, cornflour, Nutrix from different flavors, rice flour.Porridge made from coarse binding agents: Brinta, barley, oatmeal, rice. When you have smooth liquid food, it is necessary to mix or sieve these puffs so that the porridge becomes slippery. If the porridge has to become thinly liquid, you can add more liquid (milk)add. Custard, yogurt, quark, curd.Drink breakfast. With smooth liquid food, you can use a drink breakfast without fiber. Fruit puree.


The hot meal Soup

You can use clear or smoothly bound soup. Examples of a smooth-bound soup are smooth legume soups, such as pea, kidney bean, or lentil soup. Also, smooth cream soups are suitable. Broth and clear soups contain little in addition to moisture and salt nutritional value. Even if the soup is pulled from meat and filled with fresh vegetables. Use therefore preferably bound soups. With smooth liquid food, it is important that you make the soup fine with a hand blender or blender, if necessary dilute and then strain. Meat, fish, chicken, vegetarian substitutes soft, fatty meats such as stews, stews, sausages and a half and half minced meat, smoked sausage, and frankfurters without skin. Do not overcook the meat. Cold meat is easier to eat than puree warm meat. After mashing, you can reheat the meat. You can also fish, puree scrambled eggs, omelet, or a meat substitute. Watch out for bones when using fish.


Fresh vegetables that are well cooked, frozen vegetables, and vegetables from a pot or tin are good puree. Exceptions are:

asparagus, celery, kale, sauerkraut, mushrooms, coarse peas, corn kernels, purslane, and string beans. You better not do these types because they contain a lot of stiff fibers.



You can mash / mash potatoes and liquefy them with extra gravy, milk, or stock. Hereby it is better not to use a mixer or blender as this will give the puree a different structure and becomes sticky. Use more vegetables than potatoes, because a diet with a lot of potatoes gets too fat. A good ratio is:

one small potato and two serving spoons of vegetables. You can also use bags of mashed potatoes, this puree is easy to dilute into a liquid form.


Rice / pasta

Finely ground rice can be used. The rice must then be finely ground in combination with a sauce or soup. Pasta such as macaroni and spaghetti are less suitable for liquefying because pasta can easily become gluey. This can be prevented by not grinding products unnecessarily long and by processing them together with the sauce.


Sample dishes

Possible combinations for a liquid hot meal are:

Minced meat, beetroot, potatoes;

Pork steak, white cabbage with curry sauce, potatoes;

Chicken with onion, white cabbage, curry, and potatoes;

pork with endive and potatoes;

Minced meat with peas, curry sauce, and rice;

Kidney beans or capuchins with onion, tomato, and chili powder;

Onion soup with white beans;

Beef, red cabbage, fried onion, and mashed potatoes;

Minced meat, onion, tomatoes, and rice;

Nasi with peanut sauce;

noodles with peanut sauce;

Brown beans with apple sauce;

Scrambled eggs, spinach with potatoes;

fish with remoulade sauce, carrots, and potatoes;

Goulash, peas, rice, or potatoes.

Meal service

In principle, you can make dishes yourself that match liquid food. If you make it easier to have your hot meal delivered, you can do so with a meal service such as TafeltjeCover. They deliver your meals to your home according to dietary advice. Ask yourself are organizations from the region what the possibilities are in your place of residence.



Many people have difficulty with bowel movements when they consume soft or ground foods. This is partly because a liquid diet contains less fiber than normal food. Fiber ensures that the stool remains flexible. The following foods deliver in one liquid food dietary fiber: porridge from oatmeal or breakfast cereals, drinking breakfast based on milk or fruit juice and cereals, diluted (sifted) plums or apricot purée, pureed fruit, juice with pulp or legume soup. Less exercise, some painkillers (opiates), and too little drinking are also possible causes of constipation. Make sure to use at least two liters of fluid per day. All liquid foods are also included. If necessary, your doctor can prescribe a laxative.



It is important that you do not lose any further. Weighing once a week is sufficient. It is advisable to weigh you at a fixed time with approximately the same clothing and always with or always without shoes. When your weight stays the same or even increases, your energy used is sufficient. Drop your weight, the amount of energy you use is not sufficient.


Diet food

Sometimes it can be useful to use bottles of drinking food and/or diet powder in addition to liquid foods. You can do this to get extra energy and nutrients. You can do this food is best used in consultation with a dietician. He will advise you on the most suitable type and quantity. For certain syndromes, diet food is reimbursed by your health insurer. YourThe dietitian can submit an application for a dietary allowance for this to your health insurer.


Amjad Ali

Amjad Ali

blog time 03:04:pm 18 Jun, 2021

Healthy food for people in a hurry

It sure happens to you. Me. Most days I go with time (excuse me) glued to the buttocks (to put it mildly). And trying to find healthy food for people in a hurry like me is a world. It is true that restaurants have expanded their healthy offer. But sometimes I am not convinced. And I don't like to eat out every day. So I have contacted the team of nutritionists at the Mira + Cueto Clinic (whom I adore) to help me with my diet (and also yours). Because it seems that having healthy food for people with prose is easier than we think. We are a bunch of bums! I was the first.


"Of course. Wanting is power! ”That's what they tell me from the Mira + Cueto Clinic. “Making healthy food for people in a hurry is very simple. In these cases, the fundamental thing is to plan in advance and use free moments, such as weekends, to do the shopping and think/prepare what we are going to eat throughout the week. Of course, on weekends I go out for a beer, I stay with my friends ... And I am lazy to do the shopping. I have to change the chip! "In this way, we avoid times when we have nothing to eat - as I do sometimes - and we give in to temptations." Like ordering McDonald’s from Glovo, right?

Tricks to make healthy food for people in a hurry

«There are several tricks that can help: prepare the shopping list before going, have healthy snacks in the pantry, always carry fruit in your bag or backpack, if you eat out, choose lighter and healthier dishes ... The option of having a Food processor can also be interesting if you want to eat a healthy diet and are in a hurry. So you can have the food ready to take with you to work or ready when you get home so you can dine in a healthy way. Okay, it was clear to me. I'm going to wait a bit for the food processor. But the other tips I will try to fit into my day-to-day. Will I be able to? And also, a question arises:

A person who works almost all day, what does he have to buy in the supermarket to be able to eat a healthy diet? What would be your shopping list to avoid ordering fast food for GLOVO?

I think this is going to be good for all of us. Here is the shopping list to have healthy food for people in a hurry by Mira + Cueto.FruitYoghurtWhite cheeseEggsPre-washed vegetables (cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, bags of lettuce, etc).Unsalted nutsExtra virgin olive oilBrown rice, Pasta, quinoaFrozen vegetables (they are super practical to prepare and do not lose nutrients) - spinach, vegetable stews, artichokes, etc.Frozen fish (tuna, salmon, monkfish ...).Avoid the ultra-processed and industrialized. And now ... if they already make us a menu to guide us that would be fantastic, right? Well, here it is. All easy so that we have healthy food dishes for people in a hurry. And on top with simple dishes! If I make your life happy ...


Simple weekly healthy food menu for people in a hurry

BreakfastWhole wheat toast with olive oil and a slice of turkey + coffee or tea0% yogurt with honey and nuts + coffee or infusionFruit bowl with granola (half a banana, 2-3 strawberries, blueberries) + coffee or infusionFrench omelet with 1 yolk and 2 whites + coffee or infusion hole wheat toast with olive oil and a slice of ham + coffee or tea while wheat toast with olive oil + fresh cheese + coffee or infusion0% yogurt + honey + half a banana + nutsMidmorningEvery day: A piece of fruit (kiwi, apple, orange, nectarine, banana, strawberries, persimmon, melon).   FoodLettuce salad + cherry tomatoes + goat cheese + grilled chickenSalad WITH SPINACH + GRATED CARROT + CHERRIES TOMATOES + GRILLED TUNASteamed broccoli + grilled hakePasta with meat ragout and tomato sauceArtichokes with ham with onion and garlic + grilled tunaBaked aubergines + grilled turkey breastLettuce salad + chickpeas + hummus + cherries tomatoes + grilled chicken

Mid afternoon Yogurt with honey A protein bar Unsalted nuts (a handful) A piece of fruit Fruit juice 3 slices of turkey Strawberries