10 must-have toilets ideas for your new apartment.

10 must-have toilets ideas for your new apartment.

Aayza Gillani

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blog time 08:03 PM 10 Sep, 2020

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Mahnoor Ali

Mahnoor Ali

blog time 07:52:pm 21 Sep, 2020

great that's really essential things

Ch Javed

Ch Javed

blog time 04:25:pm 29 Jun, 2021

It seems that it is difficult to take advantage of the bathrooms, especially if they are small. Surely because they have fixed elements (sink, toilet, shower ...) that leave little room for maneuver and that determine aesthetic decisions that we would like to make. In many cases, there is also the fact of not being able (or not wanting to) drill holes in the ceramic tiles so as not to damage them.



But with that said, which are the drawbacks, let's go with the good news: all is not lost! In fact, we can get a great deal out of our bathrooms just with a little imagination. I tell you, my case. My apartment is quite old. If it were mine, I would surely do a big reform, but since it is leased, I try to make small economic arrangements to improve things that I don't like very much, for example, bathroom tiles. They were very large slabs of very dark red, almost burgundy, and, no matter how hard I tried to lighten the bathroom curtains or decorations, space always looked dark. So, one day a crazy lightbulb went on and I completely covered the floor with artificial grass. So, as you read it. That kind of grass perfectly imitates the original, which has tall grasses and even brown grasses in between. I can't explain the pleasure of going in barefoot! It's easy to clean (with a vacuum cleaner and a spray) and makes an incredible decorative impact.

Here I share other 7 ideas to decorate the bathroom. Courage, you can do a lot with very little!  

1.- Use the space above the WC ...

This space is often forgotten and yet it is very useful. Either with shelves anchored to the wall or with bathroom furniture that you simply have to support. Look how beautiful it is!

2.-… And the one under the sink

You can put doors or even, if you dare, integrate elements that are not very aesthetic at the beginning, such as pipes and water intakes. With a coat of metallic paint, you get an industrial effect and you can leave them in the air to put under a small piece of furniture or some baskets.

3.- Choose narrow and tall furniture

As space is usually small, we have to take advantage of the height and any possible corner, that is why narrow and tall furniture that provide support surfaces for products and even ornaments are very useful.

4.- Take advantage of the corners and corners

The important thing is that you take advantage of the space (which is always lacking in bathrooms), that's why any corner is good. You can use baskets, low furniture, and trolleys with wheels that you can move easily.

5.- Distribute your bath products in cubes on the walls

The walls are essential. You can take advantage of them to distribute small cubes with makeup brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and hairpins. You don't need to use a drill if you don't want to, because these elements tend to weigh little and good suction cups are enough. What's more, Cony published us a while ago a very easy-to-make bathroom organizer.


Usama Waseem

Usama Waseem

blog time 11:12:am 02 Jul, 2021

Things you really need to have in the bathroom

Whether you have recently moved to a new home or have finally become independent, it never hurts to have a memory aid so that, for example, you remember those elements that are essential in the bathroom. Although it seems obvious, it is not so obvious, I assure you that having a list will prevent you from leaving the house to buy several times.

1. A very well-lit bathroom is more than important,

Otherwise, how will you know if you have an eyelash on your cheek or if you have shaved or waxed correctly?

2. A mirror or better two!

Every bathroom should have at least one mirror above the sink to look at you when you comb your hair, among other things, but if you could have another full-length mirror, that would be great! Nowadays you can also resort to self-adhesive mirrors that come in rolls as if they were paper, they do not weigh anything and are very easy to place.

3. Towels

At least you have to have a set of 3 towels, that is, a large bath towel, hand towel, and one for the face.

4. Bath mat

They are not expensive, but it is very appreciated to have where to put your feet when you get out of the shower, so don't forget about it.

5. Shower curtain

Whether you have a shower tray or a bathtub, a curtain is a must. Choose an original and that is your style, today there are many different to choose from.


Fahad Hussain

Fahad Hussain

blog time 11:43:am 02 Jul, 2021

Cleaning products

Nor can they be absent, but if you opt for green products, you will surely spend less and you may even have them in your kitchen.

Places to store

This is something that you cannot miss in the bathroom. Nothing is messier when entering a bathroom than to find a sink full of brushes and hair combs, a hairdryer threw away, toothbrushes on the bathtub ... Buy baskets or baskets on wheels or look for storage solutions to avoid clutter.

Soap or hand gel

Indispensable, you also find them in natural and ecological versions.

Trash canIt is always necessary, on the one hand, it is better not to throw the toilet paper into the toilet, on the other because in the bathroom there are always things to throw away, such as the shampoo bottle when it is finished, cotton compresses, etc.

Tooth and hairbrush or combSure!

This is part of your personal hygiene, but they are also items that are inside the bathroom and that it is better not to do without.

What other things do you think you really need to have in a bathroom?