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Is It Safe To Online Shop With Coronavirus?

Is It Safe To Online Shop With Coronavirus?

Syed Salman Gillanii

“According to Public Health England and the World Health Organisation, there is minimal risk of catching the virus via parcels and letters, so it is safe to send and receive these items,”

Since We are Being placed under lockdown on Monday 23 March and cooped up in Our homes. Adapting temporary way of life has meant having to give up most of our everyday activities, such as going to the Offices, hanging out with friends and going shopping While online shopping is already a significant aspect of our lives. As many people relying on online deliveries for their groceries, household essentials and luxury items such as new clothes.

But we are considering that our delivery boy should proper tested on daily bases and take precautions like wearing Surgical Mask, Gloves and Use Sanitizers then deliver packages at your home.

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blog time 04:40:pm 03 Apr, 2020

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