What are the points need to keep in mind when buying things online?

What are the points need to keep in mind when buying things online?

What are the points need to keep in mind when buying things online? If you also hesitate from markets and rush you really need to know about the online market places but it needs some tactics when you are buying things online! Need to know about it! Thank you!

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1. Know your rights.

Oftentimes, people order things online and sit waiting for day months without receiving what they ordered nor receiving their refund, this is why knowing your rights is the first thing you should do whenever you think of ordering online. Nearly every e-commerce retailer has certain customer policies, this may include stringent return policies, not accepting returns once the product has been opened (most of the fraudsters use this policy), and warranty/guarantee claims. If you shop without worries then “must” read their policies carefully and deduce whether their policies are clear or fishy.

2. Read the product description/details thoroughly.

This occurs more often than you think it would. It recently happened to me, I ordered a pair of nice (Red ‘n White) flip-flops but failed to read the description or select the size properly (first time) hence I received flip-flops that were 2 sizes bigger and till date I’ve hugged the ground thrice while wearing them as I couldn’t return them… I know I could’ve avoided it if I had read the description and details carefully but I was none wiser. Whenever you order something online, take your time and carefully go through the product description (especially in the clothing section) and once you’re sure you’ve got everything noted, order it. It’ll save you from embarrassing yourself.

3. Check the product reviews.

Checking product reviews has saved more lives than doctors have to date (kidding), whoever reads product reviews before purchasing any product and avoids products without reviews has a happier online shopping than those who don’t. For eg: Back in 2014, my uncle ordered a Dell tablet that clearly stated 3G/wifi in the description but sadly there weren’t any reviews on it, and the product he received was only wifi (no sim slot available)… and on top of that, he wasn’t able to return or replace it. He still gave it to me for my birthday and within 3 months it started going bad… Now had he read the reviews, he wouldn’t have wasted money. Also never buy anything without reviews as it can be a hit or miss.

4. Compare products and prices.

Men need to do this more than ladies, as their in-built system forces them to compare each and every product they want to purchase in at least 3-4 places (yeah men are lazy and women have it right). When you compare certain products in a couple of places, you increase your chances of finding the same product at a lower price tag and of better quality than the previous one. According to me and many others, online Liquidation companies are one of the best places to buy genuine, superior quality products at a lower price.

5. Use a Credit card for online payment.

You might argue with this but using a Credit card for online purchases is actually a smarter and safer option. If you use a debit card for online purchases, it can get too easy for hackers to manipulate it and withdraw money directly from your bank. But if you use a Credit card, your banks can withhold the transaction and investigate the incident in case you complain about fraud. Just to be extra safe, make a habit of regularly checking your bank statements and the transaction histories, you can also activate the SMS and email notifications for each and every transaction.


Ch Javed

Ch Javed

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There are 5 things to do before buying online which can make your life easier -

#1 Know what you want: This is the most important part of any purchase. Before you log in on any online retail site for shopping, you should have a clear idea about what is in the product that you want. For example, if you are planning to buy a digital camera, you should know if you want a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR if you want it in a compact size, or are you willing to go for a bulky one for some extra resolution. You do not need to be an expert in technology to figure out what your requirements are. Answering few simple questions like when are you going to use the product, how often are you going to use the product, etc. can help you in this.

#2 Know your budget: You should know beforehand how much you are willing to spend on the product. The more you spend the more features you will get. For example, if you spend $100 extra, you will get a faster processor and more hard disk space for your laptop. You need to decide on the trade-off between the number of features against the price. Again, depending on what your requirements are the budget can vary accordingly. You need to have an idea of the range of price in which your requirements for the purchase can be fulfilled.

#3 Read reviews from the experts: You can visit sites specific to the product you are looking to buy, to read the detailed description and specifications of the product. However, it is not always possible to get such expert reviews for all sorts of products. The reviews may be limited to products like cameras, automobiles, phones, laptops, etc. Product review sites like Cnet can help you get reviews from the experts but for small products like a laptop battery, for example, you might need to ask your friends for better options.

#4 Compare prices: You might want to compare prices of different products in the same category before deciding which product to buy. Let’s say if you want to purchase a digital camera of 10 megapixels, you would like to know what all brands are available in the market, what their offerings are for a 10-megapixel camera, and how to do product offerings of different brands compare among each other. Instead of sifting through reams of information on online review sites, you might prefer asking your friend’s network on Facebook and Twitter through sites like ShopSocially and get relevant feedback regarding your purchase.

#5 Get reviews from friends: This is the most important and easy source of information about the product. Such reviews can be from your friends on your social network on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sites like ShopSocially provide an easy way of sharing your purchases to your friend’s network through conversations and by asking direct recommendations from them. Your friends can provide you a better context for your purchases than anonymous reviews. Let’s say you want to buy good headphones online and you decide to get reviews from your friends. If one of your friends is using or knows about some good headphones, you can get a quick review which might play an important role in your purchase.


Aazal Chaudhari

Aazal Chaudhari

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  1. Choosing the best website for shopping online :

When we think of going shopping with friends and family; we do a discussion about which shop or mall we should go to to save some money and also we do a search for some sales which might be going on in some malls or local shops. We do all this just to save some money and we should obviously do that. As we do this while going shopping, the same thing we should do when choosing a website as well. It is very important to choose the right online shopping website; so that you get the right product for what you are spending; so for this, you should first check the review of the website you are thinking to shop in Check as much review as you can; this will ensure that website that you have selected is really genuine. You can also some friends and relatives about the website they might be shopping online or the site that you are interested in. But the first option of checking the review is the best way to ensure that the website you are interested in is really worth shopping.

You can also call the customer care number that is given by the website; call them and get to know about the company as much as you can. After checking out that the website is truly genuine and it is competing safely to shop for it; then only you should go to the website and search for the products you want to shop, but do look up to the quality of the products.

  1. Which products you should not buy online :

You might be asking yourself right now; that if it is so safe to buy products online then why I have to think so much thought of whether I should buy this product online or should I not? It is very obvious that you still have to think about what to buy online and what not to buy. Like for example; it is really a very bad idea to buy clothes online for any member of your family, let it be for men; women; children, and especially small babies. You are really not sure of the material and obviously, you cannot touch it through your computer screen and make out, which fiber the cloth is. Also, it is a bad idea to buy very expensive products online like LCD or LED TV; glass show-pieces; antique furniture, and others. They are first of all very expensive and second thing they are very sensitive to touch; it may happen that during the time of delivery; it may get damaged and you will have to go through the procedure of money-back or returning and getting new products.

All this will take a lot of youth time and will curb your excitement of bringing the new product to the house. So it is better to stay away from buying very expensive products and clothes; and also it is a very bad idea to buy antique products online; the reason for the same is that you cannot guarantee that the antique item is the real one or it is the duplicate So be aware of all such things before choosing the products online and don't just go mad and buy waste products which you are not going to use for ages; that will let you to a lot of money wastage and nothing else.

  1. Which products you should buy from the online website :

You might be wondering right now; if I am not supposed to buy all the things which I have mentioned above that is clothes; expensive and antique items then what am I suppose to buy? The answer is very simple. You should try your hands on buying daily household items like any products used in the kitchen; cheap show-items; toys and baby-care products and also you can think of buying some important item which is not really expensive and sensitive in nature. But make sure if the product that you have ordered online and it is the delivery is taking place from outside of your country then check out whether they will be able to handle the products carefully; and better don't order anything which is very delicate from outside of your country which will save your money; time and unnecessary worries too.

I am trying to say that you should buy products which you need on a daily basis; which are cheap in price and buy products which you are aware of; so that when you will actually see the product; you will know that the products are totally perfect as you are aware of it and there is no damage at all. Don't try to buy products that are to be consumed like health drinks; baby milk powder; anything that will go inside your stomach; I am saying this because you are not sure whether the products are still fresh or not. So it is better to avoid such products totally.

Hunain Khan

Hunain Khan

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  1. The best time to buy online is between Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Credit cards are safer than debit cards.
  3. Use the live chat option to ask for details.
  4. Stalk the brands you might want to shop from.
  5. Follow influencers and bloggers for codes and discounts.

Ahmed Mustaqeem

Ahmed Mustaqeem

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Always take a look at the model stats in the product description.

Leave the products you’re unsure about in your cart for a while.

Register on websites for first-time purchase coupons.

Use filler items to get free deliveries.

Shop your list through one-stop and aggregate shopping sites.

Take a quick look at the reviews and comments below the product description.

Mahir Arzu

Mahir Arzu

blog time 10:34:am 03 Mar, 2021

Online shopping safety tips

These are some really simple ways to shop safely online you can use every day:

  1. Research retailers online to make sure they’re legitimate.
  2. Make sure the website is secure.
  3. Know your rights and the company’s returns policy.
  4. Keep software and virus protection up-to-date and use strong passwords for online accounts.
  5. Don’t use public Wi-Fi. Your standard data connection is more secure.
  6. Pay using a credit card. You will have more protection. Alternatively, online services like PayPal mean scammers will not be able to get hold of your bank details.
  7. Be smart. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

You can find out more about these tips in the rest of our guide.


Aleey Fiaz

Aleey Fiaz

blog time 11:10:am 03 Mar, 2021

Use Familiar Websites

Start at a trusted site. Search results can be rigged to lead you astray, especially when you drift past the first few pages of links. If you know the site, chances are it's less likely to be a rip-off.

Look for the Lock

Never buy anything online using your credit card from a site that doesn't have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed—at the very least. You'll know if the site has SSL because the URL for the site will start with HTTPS—instead of just HTTP. An icon of a locked padlock will appear, typically to the left of the URL in the address bar or the status bar down below; it depends on your browser. HTTPS is standard now even on non-shopping sites, enough that Google Chrome flag any page without the extra S as "not secure." So a site without it should stand out even more

Don't Overshare

No online shopping e-tailer needs your Social Security number or your birthday to do business. However, if crooks get them and your credit card number, they can do a lot of damage. The more scammers know, the easier it is to steal your identity.

Blur Yourself Online

Abine's Blur is a browser add-on that acts as a basic password manager and oh so much more. For $39 a year, it'll let you shop without revealing anything about your actual self—no emails, phone numbers, or even credit card numbers.

Create Strong Passwords

We once asked PCMag readers if they frequently changed their passwords. Eleven percent claimed they did it every day, but those people are either paranoid liars or paranoid liars. The vast majority only change a password to protect privacy a few times a year (27 percent) or more likely, never (35 percent).

If you're going to be like the latter group, we will again beat this dead horse about making sure that you utilize uncrackable passwords. It's never more important than when banking and shopping online. Our old tips for creating a unique password can come in handy during a time of year when shopping around probably means creating new accounts on e-commerce sites.

Even your perfect password isn't perfect. The smarter move: use a password manager to create uncrackable passwords for you. It will keep track of them and enter them, so you don't have to think about it. 



Usama Waseem

Usama Waseem

blog time 11:12:am 16 Mar, 2021

Tips for Safer Online Shopping

1. Shop with reputable retailers

It’s best to shop directly with online retailers you know and trust. Bookmark your favorite shopping sites to get there quickly and safely. Avoid typing the name of the retailer into your browser bar.

That’s because a tiny typo could land you on a fake site that looks just like the real one. Make a “purchase” on an illegitimate site and you may unwittingly hand the scammers your credit card number and other personal info.

2. Vet new-to-you businesses

Did you spot an amazing product from a new seller? Do your homework on any business you’ve never purchased from in the past. Look for online reviews and search the Better Business Bureau website for complaints. Check the “contact us” page on the website for a U.S. address and phone number. Then take it a step further: call the business to verify.

Why? The FBI reported that some scammers hijack the contact info of real U.S. businesses to make their shady site look legitimate.

3. Beware of amazing deals

Did you spot an ad on Facebook or Instagram offering rock-bottom prices or an eye-popping offer of free stuff? Reports of lost money from social media scams have more than tripled in the past year, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Remember, if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. The FBI found that many sites at the center of its recent spate of complaints were advertised on social media platforms.

Compare prices before you buy. Unusually low prices could be a red flag that you’ve landed on a fake site that’s been set up to snag your personal information or steal your money.

4. Don't browse on public Wi-Fi

Avoid shopping from public Wi-Fi next time you’re sipping a latte at your favorite coffee shop. The guy staring at his phone at the next table could be a hacker spying on your online activity.

And shopping online often requires giving out information that an ID thief would love to grab, including your name, address, and credit card number.

5. Use a VPN

If you ever do use public Wi-Fi, protect yourself with a VPN (a virtual private network). A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the server.

Cybercriminals lurking nearby won’t be able to see what you’re doing or intercept your personal information. A VPN is the only way to shop online safely from public Wi-Fi in airports, cafes, and other public spaces.


Fahad Hussain

Fahad Hussain

blog time 11:18:am 16 Mar, 2021

1. Pick strong passwords

A strong password is like a secure lock that keeps cyber thieves out of the accounts where you store your private information. Here are some quick guidelines on how to choose a good password:

  • Use a complex set of lower and uppercase numbers, letters, and symbols. Or consider a long passphrase that you can remember and others are unlikely to guess.
  • Avoid dictionary words and personal information a thief could easily find or guess, like your kid’s birthdate, your dog’s name or your favorite sports team.
  • Never reuse passwords across sites. If you do, a data breach at one company could give criminals access to your other accounts.

2. Check site security before you buy

Look for a lock icon in the browser bar of a site to verify that they use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. The URL also should start with “HTTPS” rather than just “HTTP.”

Secure websites are configured to mask the data you share, such as passwords or financial info. Shopping only on secure sites reduces the risk that your private information will be compromised while you shop.

3. Don’t fall for email scams

You might get emails or texts offering amazing bargains or claiming there’s been a problem with a package delivery. Delete suspicious messages from unfamiliar senders. And don’t open attachments or click links in messages because they could infect your computer or phone with viruses and other malware.

4. Guard your personal information

Here’s a general rule: No shopping website should ever ask for your Social Security number. If a site does request this type of very personal information, run in the other direction.

Provide reputable sellers the minimum personal info necessary in order to complete a purchase.

5. Pay with credit, not debit

Always use a credit card to shop as securely as possible. First, a credit card doesn’t give a seller direct access to the money in your bank account. Second, most credit cards offer $0 liability for fraud.

That means you’re not out any money if a crook uses your account info to make a purchase. Your credit card company will ask questions, investigate the fraudulent activity and send you a new card.


Amjad Ali

Amjad Ali

blog time 11:09:am 06 Apr, 2021

Safe Online Shopping in Pakistan

Please read the following tips before shopping from any online shopping store in Pakistan. Online shopping is becoming very popular and common in Pakistan but it is not as safe and secure as in the developed countries. Moreover, there is no proper legislation for these stores and mostly these are not approved by any government authority. So, it is advised to take precautionary measures to prevent yourself from any tension.

Buy from a Known and Trusted Seller/ Store

Always prefer to buy online from a well-known, famous, and trusted store. You can find helpful information about online companies on the internet and can also read reviews.

Get Complete Product Details

Make a call or use chat or email to get all the details about the product e.g. brand, model, features, size, country of origin, date of manufacturing, etc. Also, ask them the expected delivery date.


Warranty, Return, Refund and Delivery Policy

Ask your store for delivery, return or refund policy and any extra charges associated with it. Also ask for a repair, warranty and return policy, terms, and condition.


Keep Records and Receipts Save

Print or save electronic receipts and records of your online transactions to keep a record of delivery dates and as reference for use in future in case of any mishap.


Visit Local Market

Before ordering a product from an online shop, you must check its availability and price from your local market. Sometimes the same item is available in a market near to your home. In this way, you can save yourself from the hassle of purchasing on the internet, waiting for delivery and refund in case of any damage.


Also Check Prices in Other Online Shops

It is also a very good idea to check the price from other online stores because there may be a difference in prices on different stores and you can get a good deal. Some stores announce a sale on its items time to time while some offer discounts when you get their products in the bundle offer.


Privacy Policy

Read the privacy policy of the merchant and make sure that they will not use your personal information (e.g. Name, Email, Address, Phone Number, Credit Card Number, etc) to any third party unnecessarily. Also, provide them only that information which is necessary.


Use Secure Internet Connection

If you are making payments via credit card, look for https:// before website address and/or lock sign on the transaction page. This shows that the website is secure for online transactions. Look an example of secure browsing in the image below


Faisal Sheikh

Faisal Sheikh

blog time 01:27:pm 17 Apr, 2021

1. Check whether the webshop is affiliated with Thuiswinkel Waarborg

Do not only check the logo but also check whether the certificate is present and whether the URL is correct. Of course, you can also search our member list to see if a webshop is connected. Do you see a logo, but the rest is not correct? Let us know via the Report abuse logo.

2. Always check the following if the webshop is not a member

• Google is your best friend. Search in Google and see if the webshop has received good reviews.

• Check whether a working telephone number and a valid Chamber of Commerce number are listed.

• Never pay via an email with payment instructions. Safe payment methods are, for example, iDEAL, PayPal, credit card, or post-payment methods such as AfterPay or Klarna.

• Is there no form of payment in arrears possible? Then that is reason to do more research (webshops are legally obliged to offer an after-payment option).

3. Be aware of the characteristics of a fraudulent webshopUnfortunately, the phenomenon of "fake shops" is still topical, so don't fall for it. You can recognize a fraudulent webshop by, for example:

• a translation of the website via Google Translate (this usually results in bad Dutch texts and, for example, a home button marked "home" or "home");

• the lack of company details on the website;

• strange and unrounded prices that are much lower than regular prices (eg € 171.19 or € 82.47);

• a URL that does not correspond with the purpose of the website (for example, a webshop that offers to clothe but has Boeken-verschie.nl as URL);

• the fact that only a contact form is offered on the website and no other possibility of contact.

4. Never shop at copy webshops

Unfortunately, you are sometimes the victim of scammers who want to copy the well-known web store. You recognize a copy website by the URL; this resembles that of the well-known web store but is not entirely correct. Words such as discount, discount, specials, or promotion are often added. If you order a package from a copy webshop, you will never receive your package, but you will have lost your money.

5. Beware of fake discount codes and websites

In recent times, fake discount codes have emerged and these are actively offered on more and more websites. These fake discount websites make money from selling fake codes. Be very careful if you land on such a site, as it is quite possible that your computer will be infected with malware there. So don't click on anything, not even on pop-ups! You can recognize fake discount websites, for example:

• extremely high discounts;

• language errors in the text;

• the same discount percentages at different webshops.

Make sure you know what to do if you have been cheated

Criminals are getting smarter and it is, therefore, possible that despite all your attention you are being cheated. In that case, you can report this to:

•the police;

• consuwijzer.nl;

• Did you pay with your credit card? Then you can report to the credit card company and report that you have been a victim of fraud.

Internet scams

Internet fraud is currently a hot item, which is receiving a lot of attention in the media. This is of course also due to the upcoming holidays, because the number of online orders will increase considerably in November and December. Fortunately, nothing goes wrong in 99.9% of all online shopping, but keep the above tips in mind. After all, a warned shopper is a smart shopper!