What is the motivation that inspires you to be Successful?

What is the motivation that inspires you to be Successful?

SMM Officer

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blog time 04:31 PM 11 May, 2020

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Fahad Hussain

Fahad Hussain

blog time 05:27:pm 25 Jun, 2020

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in." just stay positive

There’s a lot of pressure around setting and achieving goals these days.

From big life goals down to small daily goals. 

  • What are life goals
  • How to set life goals
  • Start your own business may be small or short
  • Have a positive impact on the world
  • made a successful AIM
  • define goals for your AIM
  • Making budget or policies or Rules for your goals
  • Start work on Hard & Smart work
  • Don't panic
  • Be consistent on your goals
  • Hardels make strong don't be left




Mahnoor Ali

Mahnoor Ali

blog time 06:29:pm 29 Jul, 2020

Having an AIM gives you something bigger than yourself

to work towards, and helps you stay motivated even when

things get tough because you know what's at stake if you

don't do well at your job.

Being famous in a short period is quite easy these days.

With platforms like Tiktok and Instagram Reels, everyone

tends to get recognized and popular over a few weeks.

People tend to claim themselves as celebrities when their

number of followers reaches a little over thousands. They

are all ready to add their names to the “Most Influential

Celebrities List” But is this all it takes to be famous? Few

lip-syncing videos over popular sounds or completing some

weird challenge to receive an iPhone? The reality is, there

are two kinds of fame, the one you get on social media by

making gimmicks or sassy content is quite short-lived

because of the content, you are generating there are hundreds

behind you doing the same thing. And then there is the REAL

DEAL, where you get famous on the basis of your own personalized

talent and you make your name for yourself not over a few weeks

but for years, and that fame is long-lasting.  

So if you become a successful person or lifestyle first mindset or made a strong Life AIM, & then working on it.



blog time 01:55:pm 27 Apr, 2021

The most important tip: take plenty of time to go through the questions below.

It sounds so logical, but how often do we succeed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? When do you really take the time to think about this?

Write down what you want to achieve.

What would you like to achieve or change? What is your need/wish?

This could be anything. Healthier living (eating), quitting smoking, losing weight, new job, better guarding your own boundaries, getting a promotion, more customers, more balance, etc.

Discover your motives.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve that. Why is it important to you? And what are the benefits?

Suppose you have written down the goal to say no more often. Why is that important? E.g. because then you have more time for yourself. What's in it for you? E.g. more rest, relaxation, or better staying with yourself.

Now imagine that you have already reached your goal?

What image comes to mind then? What thoughts? How will you feel when you reach your goal? What has it brought you? What's different? What will others see in you?

Look for an image or symbol for the image/thought that you get when achieving your goal.

This can be, for example, a photo, a quote, a poem, a drawing/painting that you make yourself. And put this where you can see it well. So that you are regularly reminded of what you want to achieve and how important that is to you. Especially when your motivation decreases, it is good to remember why you started.

Get moving!

Write for yourself the first step to take, to take action.

Have fun.

Whether you are engaged in sports, healthy eating, losing weight, personal development, etc., make sure that it is not a punishment for you. Because if you find something terrible to do and it makes you cranky, it is highly unlikely that you will keep it up. Bring your focus to having fun, creating pleasure in what you want to do, and focus on what is going well.


Ch Javed

Ch Javed

blog time 02:41:pm 27 Apr, 2021

How do you get motivated and how do you stay motivated.

Motivation almost seems elusive. There are days when you are super motivated. You feel energized, you are in the flow, you do the things you want to do and you get new ideas. And there are also those days when your motivation is hard to find. You feel tired, you postpone things, you have no inspiration, you look for excuses and you hardly take action. Motivation turns out not to be infinite.

Know what moves you!

The word motivation is derived from the Latin word movere, which means to move. What makes you move or not. Are you aware of that? If you know what moves you, it is also easier to get and keep moving.

How does motivation arise?

Are you aware of your motives? Of what you think is important? Motivation starts with why you want to achieve that goal, that good resolution. What you find important, your values, direct all your behavior on an unconscious level. Your values ​​are, as it were, the control buttons that ensure whether you do or not do something. They motivate and demotivate you. And they ensure whether you are satisfied with something or not afterward.

What do you think is important?

How aware are you of your values? The more aware you know what is important to you, the easier it will be to make choices.

What do you need to get motivated?

I will explain this using the model below and an example. This process runs in equal steps for everyone. It doesn't matter what you have to motivate yourself for. Whether that is losing weight, a new job, starting sports, and fill in what your need or goal is.