What were you supposed to have in your car at all times?

What were you supposed to have in your car at all times?

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Thses Things to Keep in Your Car at All Times


blog time 05:09 PM 03 Jul, 2020

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Usra Riaz

Usra Riaz

blog time 11:52:am 01 Jun, 2021


The contingencies with which we can be surprised during a car trip can be unlimited, so it is very important to be prepared for any incident that we may have and to be equipped with the necessary tools to solve those that we can. What do we need tools for? Nowadays, cars are more and more full of electronic components and, unless we are experts and have professional automotive tools, it is best to call roadside assistance and not put our hand in what we are not sure we can fix. However, it never hurts to carry a car tool kit in case we need to do a quick fix. Surfing the internet we can find all kinds of briefcases and toolboxes for the car. Although everyone is free to spend their money however they want, having many tools is not always synonymous with repair. Many times we can get a bag full of poor quality tools (even plastic) with which we will not be able to do much. The only thing we will achieve is to get frustrated by breaking or wearing out a component. It is easy to damage the head of a screw with a cheap wrench or to make our body even worse with a low-cost bun removal tool. So be careful. From todomecanica.com we think that quality is better than quantity, so we leave you a list of 10 tools that cannot be missing from your car.


Each car must always have two triangles to warn that there is a vehicle stopped on the road. On two-way roads they must be placed 50 meters ahead and behind so that it is visible in both lanes. On motorways or motorways it is only necessary to put one 50 meters behind the damaged car.


It is necessary so that other drivers can detect us from a distance. Although each car must have one, it is advisable to have one more so as not to endanger our companion. We must take it inside the cabin of the car to dress it when we go down.

A spare wheel or puncture repair kit

Must carry, necessarily, a set of elements to repair punctures or a spare wheel in good condition together with the necessary tools to change it.

Cat and key

In the case of not having a puncture repair kit, we must have a lifting jack and a suitable wrench, as well as a safety screw adapter if necessary.


Although it is not mandatory to carry them all the time, there will be times when we can get into trouble if we put them in the trunk, since it is mandatory to circulate through certain places at certain times of the year. The chains can be metallic or textile, but we will also have the option of using winter tires.


Usama Waseem

Usama Waseem

blog time 02:42:pm 24 Jun, 2021

Winter car accessories: As the temperature drops, driving conditions begin to become more severe. Especially in the north, rain and snow will make the road icy, and many vehicles will experience skidding at this time of year. Especially the rear-wheel-drive BMW, in the cold winter, you may just watch the front-wheel drive by your side. The rear-wheel drive car is driven by the rear wheels, but the engine is front, and the tire adhesion is much smaller than that of the front-wheel drive car, so it is naturally easier to skid. When going out by car, especially to other places, besides caring about the weather forecast, we also have to know what to put in the car heavy objects Some drivers may wonder, what do you do with heavy objects in the car in the winter? Does it increase fuel consumption? In winter, compared with other seasons, the possibility of unreasonable flameout, icing, flicking and scratching is even greater. Heavy objects are used to place a tripod and press on it to increase stability. For example, a small sandbag is even simpler. One of the bricks is fine. The tripod in the vehicle is light, and it is easy to be blown away in windy weather, and the warning sound will be louder if the driver of the vehicle behind increases the weight.