How's the hydraulic floor jack working?

How's the hydraulic floor jack working?

Aayza Gillani

The hydraulic jack uses a fluid that is incompressible, which is pushed into a cylinder by a piston plunger.When the plunger moves forward, it pushes the oil through the discharge control valve into the cylinder. The suction valve ball is inside the chamber and opens with each pressure of the plunger.

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The 1 is a one-way valve, as the name implies, it cannot return.

The manual lever is lifted up to drive the small piston 2 to move up. The volume of the lower chamber of the small cylinder (the lower chamber below the small piston) increases, and the oil enters the small cylinder through the one-way valve 1 under atmospheric pressure, which completes one suction Process.

When the manual lever is pressed down, 1 is a one-way valve, it seals the pipeline, the oil pressure rises, it will push open the oil discharge one-way valve 7 into the lower cavity of the large cylinder 5, pushing the large piston up, Lift heavy objects.

When the heavy object needs to be put down, the shut-off valve is opened, and the hydraulic oil flows back to the tank through the shut-off valve under the action of gravity.