Which are the current technological advancements?

Which are the current technological advancements?

Aayza Gillani

Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are the developments that will dominate in at least 2020. Such innovations have now reached various areas of the economy.

blog time 07:18 PM 28 Aug, 2020

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Sara Ali

Sara Ali

blog time 10:33:am 04 May, 2021


If there is no breakthrough in electricity, will there be any new progress? Obviously not. Ever since early discoverers such as Benjamin Franklin studied electricity, and inventors such as Nikola Tesla experimented with ways to convert it into energy, electricity has not only been driving generations of innovations, It has also become an irreplaceable tool in modern life.


Lasers were discovered in 1960, they were ahead of that era, and scientists were not even sure of their uses. Since then, lasers have entered almost a variety of fields, from medicine, consumer electronics to manufacturing. In fact, almost everyone is exposed to a certain shape or form of laser every day¹.

Semiconductor chip

Many major technological advances led to countless other new inventions. Give a classic example? Semiconductor chip. Circuits with many components such as transistors and circuits opened the door to the development of notebook computers, followed by smart phones and tablet computers.

Quantum computing

The invention of computers (especially the invention of personal computers) will continue to affect our lives. In October 2019, it was said that a quantum computer that used quantum mechanics to increase its processing power on a large scale solved problems that a standard computer could not solve within 200 seconds, which marked a new potential application area to be explored.


It may not be as revolutionary as quantum mechanics, but it is impossible to imagine today's cities without elevators. Elevators set off a new wave of construction and ushered in the era of skyscrapers. The new invention MULTI is the first elevator that can move horizontally and vertically, which will open up new paths for urban planning and architectural design.

Usra Riaz

Usra Riaz

blog time 10:43:am 04 May, 2021

Technological advancements are still changing the world and our way of life

Some of the most exciting discoveries and inventions have laid a solid foundation for the computer, electronics, manufacturing, and medical innovation in the new era. URBAN HUB will explore how these ten revolutionary technological advances will continue to shape our future lives.

Human Genome Project

No modern scientific advancement can revolutionize medicine like the Human Genome Project. The human genome project was completed in 2003, and each gene in the human genome was mapped out. It opens the door to disease-related genetic medicine research and promotes the booming of biotech companies, which are seeking to find new applications in the healthcare sector.


The real car of change: Once the first car is off the assembly line, it will never stop moving. The car was initially seen as a panacea for all transportation challenges, but it must adapt to the global need to eliminate fossil fuel use and reduce traffic flow. Enter the next generation: hybrid cars, electric cars, and driverless cars, proving that cars will continue to accompany us in the coming centuries.

Global Positioning System

Although cars have accelerated the pace of our daily lives, getting from point A to point B is still a challenge, especially in a new place. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology first came out in 1973 and went on the market in 1995. It uses satellites for precise positioning and helps you navigate. Recently, it has become the cornerstone of the development of many smart cities and urban transportation applications.

Smart phone

We have to admit that smartphones have become ubiquitous and a must-have for modern life. One reason it is so special is that it can be associated with many other technological advancements and become a stage for their performances, from GPS to mobile banking to fitness apps. After Apple launched its first smartphone in 2007, there was no way to look back.




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Now the time in the 21st century 2022 when everything in the form of remote life is very fast and busy I think current technological advancements include,



Artificial intelligence



edge computing

Internet of behavior/IOT Internet of things

predictive Analytics


Cloud computing

and including some innovative research in 2022.