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Is a Ring light Necessary for Blogging ?

Is a Ring light Necessary for Blogging ?

Saman Javed

Ring lights are perfect for illustrating photos and videos in detail.Ring lights are commonly used for multipurpose today. Many of them are used in either Blogging, V logging Youtubers and tiktokers. Portrait photography is of huge value to the lighting surrounding it. The luminosity of the atmosphere is the secret to excellent images. When you put on a great lipstick, but there's no light to reveal your lipstick properly that ruins your look.

blog time 07:24 25 Jun, 2020

2 Responses

Ali Umer

Ali Umer

Ring light is not even important it is also important for any type of photography because when light is poor your Picture is not Your Picture is not count in good photography

From : Ali Umer blog time 06:17:PM Jun 30, 2020
SGC _Official

SGC _Official

Yes Ali Umer you are right without good-light we can't make good picture

From : SGC _Official blog time 06:27:PM Jul 06, 2020