Start Uploading Products for Massive Sales!

Start Uploading Products for Massive Sales!
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    Sumeed Javed | DM Manager

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    Feb 20, 2020

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  • Start Uploading Products for Massive Sales!

    Great news to all those people who wanted to sale their products online but did not have the right platform to do so. Now you have the new online shopping portal where you can register yourself as a seller, upload your products and start getting orders instantly. Unlike other online shopping platforms in Pakistan, working with Farosh is extremely convenient and reliable. The Terms of Use are clear, simple, and straight forward.  There are no hidden charges and Farosh takes the responsibility of marketing your products as well. This video has been made to show how sellers can upload their products once they register and login as a seller at The steps are all clear with a user-friendly interface. All that is needed are some good quality images and the details of the products. The form is generated when you upload a product where information is needed to be given about the product in the required fields. Start uploading products and enjoy massive sales.

    Just to get a start at seller Dashboard, click here.